Friday, November 20, 2015

EcoRider Rides around Singapore Sports Hub

After the kiddos' first experience on the EcoRider at the beginning of the year, they have been looking forward to ride again. Our girl even tried persuading us to purchase a set for her! Hence, when they learned that EcoRider is operating at the Singapore Sports Hub and providing rides and tours, the kids could not contain their excitement!

EcoRider's booth is located near the Singapore Sports Museum. Currently, it only operates on the weekends from 10am onwards. Unlike the other wheeler rides, EcoRider has launched two route which brings riders to tour around the Singapore Sports Hub as they experience cruising on the EcoRider.

Package price is as indicated below.

1) EcoRider Wheeler Fun Ride is suitable for those who wish to give it a trial.
S$12 per pax for approx 15 minutes

2) EcoRider Sports Hub Venue Tour (Waterfront or Stadium Route) You can choose to ride around the waterfront of Singapore Sports Hub and enjoy a scenic view or go explore the Stadium route and check out the facilities.(Pick one of the route that interest you!)
S$28 per pax for approx 30 minutes

3) EcoRider Sports Hub Venue Tour (Combined Route) is a full hour route which brings you along the waterfront and also within the stadium!
S$45 per pax for approx 60 minutes

We took on the Full Route which takes us along the waterfront and the stadium. All riders have to put on the helmet before they are allowed to ride. It is compulsory for children to put on their elbow and knee guards and optional for adults. We signed the indemnity form, put on our safety gear and are ready to ride!

The marshals adjusted the stand of the wheeler so that it suit our height. We were then guided on how to ride the EcoRider and had a mini trial. The marshals make sure everyone is comfortable riding on the EcoRider before we set off for our tour.

Since the kids have prior experience, they were cruising steadily immediately. Hubby had no problem at all too. I ended up being the one taking a longer time to adjust. The fear of falling made my body stiffer and I was not able to control the machine to move forward. It took me about 10 minutes before I finally get the hang of it.

Following the lead of our EcoRider's Marshal, we started cruising our way around Singapore Sports Hub. For safety reason, the EcoRider has been set to travel at 7km/hour. This is definitely assuring as our girl tends to act like a dare devil and has no boundaries when she gets carried away. For the safety of riders as well as the public, 7-8km would be just nice. Once you hit the limit, the machine will pull back a little to ensure that you do not go beyond the speed limit. It may be a spoiler but the good news is you can request the Marshal to adjust the speed a little once you get comfortable with the wheeler.

Our first stop is along the waterfront where we saw the scenic view of Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge.

Riding along the coastal line, we moved towards the Water Sports Centre. Many water sports activities (e.g. canoe, kayaking, dragon boating) are conducted here and you may catch them in action if you are lucky.

Here is our friendly marshal who took us on the ride last weekend. :)

I must say after riding on the EcoRider for awhile and much practicing, I am pleased to say that I can cruise with one hand holding onto the handle and the other hand on my phone to take photos and videos. :)

Taking the EcoRider tour is not just about riding on smooth grounds. We also had training to ride along narrow path, go down slopes, up slopes, and even into the lift! After the 1 hour ride, we are quite pro riding on the wheeler.

We rode along the Stadium Riverside Walk and took a water break before moving on. I always thought it was a breeze and a piece of cake to ride on the EcoRider as it does not seem to take much from one's effort. However, only 20 minutes into the ride and I felt my legs strained.

The second part of the route took us within the stadium. We rode past OCBC Aquatic Centre and along the tracks outside the Stadium.

Do you know why the tracks are coloured Blue, Red and Green in this manner? We were told that the 888-metre running track around the National Stadium, also known as 100Plus Promenade was named following a sponsorship by 100Plus. This explains why the track has the same colour as the packaging of the isotonic drink. Our Marshal also told us the the red lane is the Prosperity Track as it is exactly 888-metre while the blue and green had a -8 and +8 metre distance apart. You may wish to jog along the Prosperity Track on your next run. ^_^

We cruised by the basketball court, Splash-N-Surf and Sport's Hub Skate Park. 

We even ride outwards onto the overhead bridge and had a good view of Nicoll Highway and Kallang Airport.

Nicoll Highway

Kallang Airport runway which looks like road now.

Throughout our ride, we took family shots at every stop. 

Learning to 'park' our wheeler and be in position to take photos is so easy after multiple attempts.  

It was a fun 1 hour ride with EcoRider! We love the scenic view as we rode along the waterfront and stadium. It was a pity we did not get to ride inside the stadium itself as there was an event during our visit and it was closed. Otherwise, we would have another cool family shot inside the stadium!

Apart from Segway ride in Sentosa, now there is another alternative with EcoRider around Singapore Sports Hub.

For more information, check out their Facebook page.

*Operates on Weekends only
Address: Singapore Sports Hub (Outside Singapore Sports Museum), 6 Stadium Walk, S397698

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