Friday, August 21, 2015

Sea Monsters: Past and Present (S.E.A Aquarium)

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Our kids have a flair for mysterious creatures and marine life, which explains why the children were thrilled when they learned that they will be checking out the Sea Monsters at S.E.A Aquarium! Long necks, sharp teeth, dinosaur-liked bodies... can you believe these creatures ruled the prehistoric oceans?

Care to win some attractive prizes? Simply download the SPH AR App and follow the instructions at You can see the sea monsters moving with the AR (Augmented Reality) technology. Denver has to squat below the poster in order to have his photo taken within range.

Stepping into the Living Fossils zone, we found some familiar marine creatures that still exists today. For example, Horseshoe Crab and Alligator Gar were believed to have shared our ocean since the prehistoric era!

This is my personal favourite sea monster - Axolotl. I thought it has a similar resemblance to Toothless in "How to train your Dragon" except that it has no wings. What about you?

Showcase of Nautilus and the Hermit Crab. Did you noticed the hermit crab has a transparent "home" (shell)? This is to allow visitors to have a clearer view of the creature within.

The children were having a great time exploring the different living fossils in Singapore together. 

If you wish to learn about the history of sea animals, this comprehensive chart will do the trick. 

Alternatively, enter the fossil evacuation site learn more about the three world's greatest marine predators namely, the Plesiosaur, Megalodon and Ichthyosaur. Denver & Gladys stood in front of the Megalodon's mouth and you can imagine how huge this creature once was. I asked Gladys for an attempted "kiss" shot with the Placoderm but it was not very well taken. :)

Fossil of Ichthyosaur

Hubby's reaching out to Plesiosaur.... do you think he was able to touch it? 

While we were exploring the fossil extraction site, Simone Heng from Class 95 approached us to have Denver helped with one of her recordings. All he needed to do was to pronounce the word : Ichthyosaur. Hence, our boy had a one word broadcast experience. :)

Finally, a round of games with Class 95 DJ - Tim Oh and Simone Heng

Although the Sea Monsters exhibit took only about 15 to 20 minutes to complete, we had fun and I'm sure the children learnt more about the marine life millions of years ago. Do remember to visit the Sea Monsters: Past and Present exhibit if you are at the S.E.A Aquarium.

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