Saturday, August 8, 2015

Golden Jubilee Weekend @ Sentosa Merlion

Our girl has a special liking for Merlion since young. Whenever we pass by The Merlion @ Sentosa or The Merlion Park @ Fullerton, she will request to stop for awhile and take a closer look at the mythical creature. It has also been Gladys' long wish to see what's within the majestic Merlion and it finally came true today!

To celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday, entry to Sentosa Merlion is FREE (8 August 2015 only) for all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. We expected a long queue after witnessing the endless line outside the Art Science Museum the day before. Nevertheless, we are determined and prepared to wait for our free tickets to The Merlion for the very first time!

Despite the heavy downpour earlier, we arrived 10 minutes before the opening hours. Although the line was long, the waiting time was manageable. We were inside The Merlion after waiting for 15 minutes. To reward us for our patience, everyone received a golden Merlion souvenir coin upon admission. :)

We walked through a dim tunnel leading us to stories of sea monsters, lake monsters with carvings of these creatures on the walls.

Before heading up to the galleries, visitors queued up and waited patiently to watch a short film about Sang Nila Utama and how he founded Singapura (Singapore).

Initially, I thought this was just another statue for display. Upon closer look then I realised this is where you can get your Merlion Souvenir Coin.

From the basement, we took the lift up to Level 10 (Head & Mouth Gallery). 

Moving down to the Mouth Gallery first, the children rang the bell and made their wishes. The panorama view from the Merlion's mouth is beautiful but we can only stay for a picture shot due to the crowd. 

We climbed a series of stairs before reaching the top of the Merlion! It was a gloomy day but thankfully the rain has stopped. Standing at 37 metre tall, we had a good view from the Head Gallery.

Gladys now remembers how it felt standing at the top of the Merlion, half lion half fish guardian of prosperity. 

Mission Accomplished! 

Gladys had her eyes on the cute Merlion soft toy at the Gift shop. Hubby bought it for her and she named it "Baby" without giving much thoughts. Despite not being in her tip top condition, it was a fruitful trip and we are glad that we made it.

Sentosa Merlion
Opening Hours: 10am - 8pm daily (Last entry: 7.30pm)
Admission charges applies

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