Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Doodling - Floral

Last weekend, I bought a box of Stabilo pens from Popular bookstore as the price was a steal (20 pens at about $14)! Couldn't wait to start drawing with my new pens, hence I attempted to do a floral doodle without sketching with a pencil.

Some of you have asked how this was done. Frankly speaking, it was a stir of a moment. There were no plans and I had no idea how the end product will look like. It started with a 5 petal flower at the center and I slowly extended my doodle outwards with more flowers and leaves of different shapes, sizes and patterns. Emphasizing on the details, reviewing the layout, shading and filling up the gaps were the main consideration points that ran through my mind when I was doodling. It took me about an hour to complete my drawing and I am happy with my first attempt.

For those who wish to doodle, I encourage you to give it a try and get yourself a good marker pen! Start with a simple theme (e.g. shapes/letters etc.) Do not be dishearten! With more practice, your doodling skill will improve.

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