Monday, February 23, 2015

TNP - Joint effort to keep our environment clean

Daddy and the children were featured in The New Paper

The article was about littering and how we can do our part to keep our estate clean. Although Singapore is well known to be a clean and green country, we are still far from being a truly clean city with the presence of many litter bugs around. 

When we moved in 2 years ago, our letter box area has always been an eye sore. Hubby has been picking up the pamphlets all these times and Gladys gradually learn to help them up as well. She was Primary 1 then....  

After 2 years, Hubby continued to do his part whenever he collects our letters from the letter box. I'm proud that our kiddos do not mind bending down and getting their hands dirty to dispose the litters in the bin. 
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It may be an individual effort that may seem insignificant but the children look up to their father as a good role model.  

We can do our little part to make Singapore a truly clean and green country.

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