Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dim Sum @ Restoran Yoong Lei (古来云来包点) (Mount Austin)

When we travel to Johor Bahru, Dim Sum is one of our favourite pick. Why? It is more economical and everyone gets to pick what they like to eat! They are serve in smaller portion which is a great way to share among families and friends.

Seeing the big signage - Yoong Lei Restoran (古来云来包点) prompted us to walk in and go for our second round of indulgence despite having our lunch earlier.

I love the way the trays of assorted dim sum were neatly laid out on the counter top. We can pick the ones that we like and pass it to the staff to steam.

Steaming station - where all the trays of dim sum will be warmed up.

As we had our lunch, we only order a few to try. Here's our pick. 

Lotus leaf rice - not the best that I have tasted. Felt the chicken was a little stiff but the glutinous rice was fragrant.

Lo Mai Gai (Glutinous rice with chicken) - one of my favourite dim sum as it fills my tummy and I always enjoy the aftertaste, sweetness and aroma that lingers around. My ideal glutinous rice will have to be one with tender chicken coupled with soft, sticky and sweet fragrant rice. Yoong Lei's glutinous rice pretty much fits the bill.

Two char siew bao for all to share. Since it was just out from the steamer, the skin was soft and the filling was meaty and juicy.

Other assorted dim sum

If you do not fancy the dim sum items at the counter, you may wish to check out their menu which offers assorted baos, dessert, fried items as well as their specialty, like porridge, nasi lemak, yam cake and more.

The children love the kampung half boiled eggs

Hong Kong style Chee Cheong Fun - smooth and silky rice sheet dipped in soy sauce that melts in my mouth. 

Yoong Lei offers a wide variety of tasty dim sum selection at an economical price. Apart from the traditional ones, you can also find new creations. A great place to enjoy your dim sum spread with your kakis if you are in Mount Austin.

Restoran Yoong Lei (古来云来包点)
Address: Jalan Mutiara Emas 9/3, Taman Mount Austin, 81100, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.546204, 103.787269

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