Friday, February 27, 2015

6 course meal at Sufood (舒果) - Raffles City Shopping Centre

Very often I had the impression that vegetarian is not appealing, appetizing and filling. However, I changed my mind after dining at Sufood (舒果). Launched in Singapore since May 2014, Sufood is the first meat-free concept restaurant under WOWPRIME Group (largest F&B operator in Taiwan).  The Italian-inspired restaurant cuisine adds flavour to its creative cuisine by emphasizing on the quality of the ingredients and their cooking techniques.

To start of, I love the atmosphere of the restaurant. Brightly lit with comfortable and cozy seating. Since it was my first visit, the staff explained how to place the orders. I was thrilled to see a range of selection on the menu. It seems as if I will be sitting for a "six course lunch" with my colleagues. Let's Begin!

Starter - The SUFOOD Appetizer

A delicate trio of poached Japanese Yuca root drizzled with a blueberry coulis, a stack of oriental white water snowflake greens and a savoury cheery tomato jelly. Beautifully presented which was visually pleasing to the eyes. As each appetizer is bite-sized, I could not bear stuffing them all in at one go. You have to savour them delicately to enjoy its taste.

Cider - SUFOOD Signature Cider

I was kind of skeptical when the fruit vinegar was served. I'm not a big fan but it tasted pretty nice after all. Smooth and not too sour. I ended up having a few more shots to cleanse the palate before the main dish.

Bread - Rosemary Breadsticks (Mustard dip)

Freshly baked, home-made rosemary-infused breadsticks with sweet mustard dip. Personally, I thought it would be great if they were served slightly warmer and crispier. 

Salads - Mushroom Salad

I love mushrooms in the salad! Served with Button and Shitake mushrooms with steamed broccoli and sliced cheery tomatoes glazed in a vinegar dressing, this salad dish is deliciously refreshing.

Salads - Summer Salad

While I applaud for its colourful display, Summer salad did not excite me with only a bite-size chunk of sweet potato, celery, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper and a few sticks of carrots and celery on the plate.

Soups - Root Soup

After a series of 'cold' dish, it's time to drink some warm soup! Root Soup is my top pick as I always enjoy the lotus root. Stewed in a light vegetable broth, it was sweet and yet not too over-whelming for my taste bud.

Soups - Cream of Pumpkin Soup

My colleague ordered the rich and creamy pureed pumpkin soup. Love how creative this soup is presented. A touch of green peas within the pumpkin.

Mains - Star Pizza

Sufood has 12 main items on its menu and we were spoil with choices. I picked the golden star-shaped pizza for my main dish. Filled with oyster mushrooms, cream cheese, mustard sauce and topped with salted seaweed, my tummy was satisfactory filled. Taking a bite on the pizza excites me as the cream cheese was tucked within the edge of the folded crust! The flavour of the oyster mushrooms were further enhanced with the cheese and mustard sauce. Portion was generous and you can understand why I am completely filled with the entire star in my tummy.

Oh! Did I mention gloves were provided for dishes that you need to use your hands to eat with? How sweet and thoughtful of Sufood.

Other main items that my colleagues ordered. Every dish is pleasantly displayed with no mock meat. 

Mains - Potato Crisp Pizza

Classic "Four Cheese" pizza baked with smoked cheese, mozzarella cheese, fetta cheese and cream cheese. Garnished with tomatoes, spinach and fried potato shreds.

Mains - Vegetable Pita Pocket

Mushroom, pepper and broccoli baked in a zesty Arrabbiata jalapeno sauce, served with toasted pita bread pockets.

Mains - Wild Mushroom Charcoal Tagliatelle

King Oyster mushrooms sauteed in a light olive oil and homemade dressing on a bed of fragrant charcoal tagliatelle.

Mains - Primavera Spaghetti

A fine selection of baby corns, tomatoes and lady fingers sauteed with Hon-shimeji and fresh basil

Drinks & desserts. There are a couple of hot and cold drink selection you can pick from to go with your dessert. For now, let's look at the dessert.

Desserts - Vanilla Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate

This is a fun dessert as my colleague coat their Vanilla Ice Cream with the warm, dark chocolate fudge sauce. After some time, the warm chocolate hardened and you can scoop it up and take a bite. The ice-cream doesn't melt as quickly hence you can make more chocolate coats. ^_^ 

Waiting for the chocolate to set

Desserts - Osmanthus Flower Jelly

This reminds me of the dessert I had in Tim Ho Wan (Hong Kong). Not sure if it taste the same though. A light serving of sweet maple syrup jelly infused with fragrant Osmanthus flowers.

Desserts -  Banana Cheesecake

My pick for dessert - Banana cheesecake drizzled with blueberry sauce, accompanied with chocolate wafer roll. No wow factor but still decent.

For $29.80++ per pax, we had a delightful 6 course meal. Nothing that I have ever imagine nor did I thought that a vegetarian meal can be so exciting in taste and flavour. For the ladies, it seems like a very healthy meal that you do not have to worry about putting on weight.

Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road, #02-19, Singapore 179103

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