Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wheely Fun Cruising with EcoRider Robstep

During our visit to Big Box over the weekend, we spotted curious onlookers checking out what seems like a Segway, only it looks more sleek in design and compact in size. Upon talking with the staff from EcoRider, we learnt that the 2 wheeler is an intelligent and innovative self-balancing portable transporter. It can take on a maximum load of 120kg and cruise at a maximum speed of 15km/h. Robstep not only incorporates functionality and practicality, bringing ease to short distance travelling but also has an element of fun in it.

From afar, it looked pretty simple to operate and maneuver the transporter. We decided to let Denver and Gladys hopped on to the machines and have a go. 

Safety gears are important for first timers and must be fitted on. :) The trainers guided them and the kids started off at a slower speed. Very soon, it seems like a breeze for our kiddos and they were able to cruise freely.  

Our cheeky girl even decided to try a few stunts of her own! Spinning on the spot and moving without her hands on the handle. Compared to his sister, Denver is more down to earth. 

Technology has advanced rapidly over the past years. Not only in communication devices, household appliances but also in transportation and many other fields changing our life and how business work. I'm sure we will be seeing more of such devices in the malls, airport and on the roads in the near future.

Gladys loved the ride so much that she hopes we can bring her back for more wheely fun! It would be fun for families to hop onto the mobile transporter and cruise freely while enjoying the surrounding scenic view. Maybe next time Hubby and I should give it a try too!

Do you know there is an EcoRider Park besides Snow City? Here's another alternative where you can head to if you wish to have some wheely experience.

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