Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Nature Fun Coastal Walk and Exploration along Changi Beach

We love to go to the beach as it relaxes our bodies and mind. Whether rain or shine, just looking at the vast sea, sailing boats, ships and the waves makes me happy. 

The clear blue sky, fluffy white clouds, coconut trees and sun rays is perfect for a nature walk by the beach.

Our girl loves the beach very much. Hubby brought Gladys to buy a net as she hopes to be lucky and be able to 'fish' out some interesting findings.

All set to go!

Despite being underneath the hot sun, it felt so cooling to soak our feet into the sand and waters. Hubby led the way along the coast to look for little sea creatures. :)

We walked back and forth along the coast with no findings but the children did not complain and found their ways to have some fun, beating the waves while Hubby continued his search.

I guess I'm more competent collecting seashells instead. ^_^

Just as we were about to give up after 30 minutes of fruitless search, luck seems to bestow on us and we began to find more interesting sea creatures before the storm clouds starts to brew in they sky.

Hubby spotted an area with many small catfishes!

It was interesting to see the catfishes wriggling their bodies around our feet. Denver and Gladys took turns to scoop some out and put them into a container. 

We also found an eel-like creature but wasn't able to identify it.

How about a tiny crab sticking its body on the back of a leaf. It was about the size of his thumb! I'm always amazed how sharp Hubby's eyes can be! 

Sea Cucumber on the seabed.

The children spent a memorable afternoon by the beach. It was time to set the catfishes free and back into the sea. While it sadden us to see litters along our coastal shores, we did our little part to keep it clean. Hubby picked up the litters along the way and threw them in the nearby bins. It was a simple act but everyone can help and do their part.

It's time to go as we bid farewell to the waves...

To the sky

and the sandy beach.... till we meet again!

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