Friday, January 9, 2015

Weekend Getaway @ SAF Changi Seaview Resort

Along this quiet, winding road resides one of our favourite chalet spot - SAF Seaview Resort

We adore the tranquility of the surroundings, close vicinity to Changi Village Hawker Centre and waking up to see the beach and feel the morning breeze coming from the sea.

Seaview from the windows

Sitting at the balcony area, reading the papers and listening to the horns from the ships is a pleasure.

Morning stroll by the beach is a stone throw away. We are this close to nature.  

When the low tides hit the shore, we brought the children closer to the waters to spot the little marine creatures

Feeling hungry? It's only about 10 minutes walk to Changi Village Hawker Centre. :)

The children don't mind staying indoors as they have their favourite TV programmes and handheld devices to keep them company in rain or shine.

Barbecue is fun as the children likes to see how Daddy starts the fire.

You can barbecue your favourite food too. :)

Sharing delicious food with your family and friends feels good despite the hard work to stand by the BBQ pit.

Freshly steamed crab is one of our favourite on the menu. 

A short weekend getaway but filled with fun and laughter. 

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