Saturday, August 30, 2014

~ Singapore Night Festival 2014 - Part 2 ~

Singapore Night Festival is getting Bigger and Better. Despite spending two nights at the annual event, we were not able to cover all the 5 zones. The rainy weather disrupted our walking trail and caused some of the performances to be delayed or cancelled.

Nevertheless, our mood were not dampened by the rain as we continued our walk beginning from the Festival Village from Cathay Green. We were there before the sun set and did not witness the illuminated jellyfish. Visitors can walk in and out of the Night Light - Cyanea's curtain of lit tentacles if weather permits.

For those Young at Hearts, check out the performances at SMU and SOTA. Do not miss the Greenhouse Cars parked at SMU, overgrown with plants and ferns to represent both the cause and effect of environmental pollution.

The rain began to pour but we managed to take shelter within Singapore Arts Museum. Free activities and special programmes has been put in place in conjunction with SNF2014.

Roundabout Midnight is a journey into sensory delight at SAM. Be sure not to miss the "Medium at Large Sensorium 360°" where we explore our senses and experience the wonder of sense perception. Take off your shoes and spent some time flipping through the books at a reading corner. Put your hands into mystery boxes and unravel the hidden items within that is hidden from the eyes. Sniff some of the items on display that may bring back your childhood memories.

The Overview Installation - transforms your way you see the world. Put on the modified goggles and your normal viewpoint is replaced by images from a top down view instead. Figure your way out of the maze without touching the lines and feel how a change in our normal perception of vision can impact the sense of our bodies and spatial awareness.

Noon-nom - Bean bags filled the entire room. This installation welcomes visitor to not only touch the artwork, but also be touched emphasizing the importance of touching and feeling as a means of reconnecting in human relationships.

Cage - A dark room filled with green lasers intrigued us tremendously! It made us felt like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible where we try not to touch the laser beams as we maneuver ourselves carefully within and out of the cages.

Let your imagination takes flight and create your own Night festival brooch. I made a flower brooch with inspiration gathered from the recent Singapore Garden Festival 2014. :)
Denver and Gladys made these. A sword and a shield.

Before we leave for our next destination, we uploaded our photos on Instagram (hashtag #MadeforSAM) and brought home little print-outs as a lovely souvenir at SAM Social Playground. :)

The rain has stopped and we can once again check out the night installations. :) Denver and Gladys stood by the giant speech bubble displaying randomly generated, funny messages. Look! I'm a Merlion! hehehe

Gladys literally freaked out when she spotted more divine figures on the trees. 

Landscape by Landscape - walk past the glow-in-the-dark pebbles on the ground while mysterious strains of music play in the background.

Our final stop - Block Party at Armenian Street

While we were not the very 'happening' lots, we squeezed our way through to Singapore Really Really Free Market by Post Museum. You are welcome to grab anything you like for free. :) There was a queue for free tarot cards reading and free messaging too. Our kiddos got free packets of Oreo which was enough to make them happy.

Stepping into Peranakan Museum brings back good memories. We have not been here for ages since the last night festival. The children were lucky to be the last few to enter the glow-in-the-dark room and create some sand crafts of Auspicious designs.

That marks the end of our trail with Singapore Night Festival 2014! It had been a trilling 2 nights event and we are definitely looking forward to SNF2015!

SNF2014 (Part 1) -

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