Saturday, August 16, 2014

Brother Scan N Cut - Revolutionary Home & Hobby Cutting Machine

Media Invite: Don't be mistaken. This is not your conventional office/home printer for your documents. Brother International Singapore has launched it's first ScanNCut machine (Brother CM550DX) - a revolutionary new home and hobby cutting machine with built-in scanning capability that will interest scrap book and craft lovers. 

I was extremely excited to attend Brother's Arts&Craft Workshop at Spotlight for some hands-on experience on their new product. Apart from the die cutting machines, craft and border punches that we have seen on the market to make our DIY cards, Brother CM550DX is an innovative machine incorporating scanning feature that allow us to scan photos, printouts or sketches with its built-in 300dpi scanner, select the materials of our choice (paper, fabric, vinyl) and cut it. That saves a lot of time and effort to cut/punch out the designs that you like and best of all you can customize it without restricting to the dies or punches that you have.

Let's check out how this is done.

To eliminate the hassle of hand-cutting designs, Brother's Standard Cut Blade (for paper and fabric) and Deep Cut Blade (for felt, denim) allows consumers to cut materials of different thickness. Simply adjust the depth of the cut by turning to the appropriate number labelled on the blade holders and the machine will do the cutting precisely. It also comes with a Pen holder and Colour pen set for drawing and tracing on paper and fabric.

If you do not have any design in mind, Brother ScanNCut has built-in patterns, fonts, shapes to help you to start off. After selecting the designs of your choice, place your coloured papers on the Standard Mat (which is adhesive to ensure the papers are in place), scan it through to ensure the papers are align to the patterns on the screen. This is to ensure the design falls in place with the coloured papers, and the machine can cut it out accordingly and not on the mat.

After the cutting is done, peel off with the spatula. 

With the cut out papers, customize the design of your card.
Apart from shapes, Brother ScanNCut can also cut out beautiful letters and wordings.

If you have a design that you like, you can place it on the Scanning Mat and save it inside the machine as a template.

To ensure the machine can detect your preferred picture, it is best to darken the outlines and make a photocopy of it. Since I hand-drew this picture, it was not nicely captured and hence I was not able to see the cutting effect for my customized image.

What's interesting is Brother Scan N Cut is not only just targeting on paper crafts but also on fabric!  

You can place iron-on fabric on the mat and create your own customized iron on for your bags, t-shirts and more!

ScanNCut cuts precis fabric shapes with ease. Pairing the erasable draw function with cutting, it offers the unique feature of drawing seam allowance and provides precise sewing guidelines, making sewing, quilting and applique projects easier to create.

Combine the different shapes and you can create beautiful patchwork quilt. 

Video - CM550DX (Scan N Cut)

A few pointers to note while using this machine is to take good care of the mats as the machine will not be able to cut the shapes properly if mat is not able to hold the paper/fabric firmly. In addition, take note of the cutting depth of the blade to avoid cutting directly through the mat. 

It is very interesting to see how much wonder (unique and personal scrapbooks, greeting cards and quilts)you can do with the ScanNCut machine. 

Brother CM550DX is now available for purchase at Brother International Singapore's authorised resellers and superstores. (Spotlight, Courts and Challenger *selected outlets). Current retail selling price is $828. 


Unknown said...

Gasp! It's so much more expensive than other machines that do similar job.

Phoebe said...

Yes Susan. Currently there is a promotional price of $638 but not sure when it will end. It would be nice if the price is cheaper.

Gayathri Senthilvel said...

Hi Do you know if U can still find in SG?! If yes where?

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