Wednesday, August 6, 2014

~ Record-Breaking Moment with M&M's - Largest national flag made of M&M's ~

Last Sunday, we were honoured to join M&M's and witnessed the record-breaking moment of creating the largest Singapore flag made of M&M's chocolate lentils! Most of them are the limited edition white lentils that we have not seen before.

We were dressed in our colourful tops that evening. Each one of us had a colour code. Daddy - Yellow, Mommy - Purple, Denver - Blue and Gladys - Red to match the colourful M&Ms.

Special thanks to M&M's for extending the invitation to our family and hosting us. We were pleasantly delighted be part of the record-breaking event which was the main highlight of "Go Red this National Day with M&M's", a marquee event comprising booths featuring interactive games, auctions and other activities.

From 28th July to 3rd August, members of the public have used red and white M&M's chocolate candies to form the 2.7m by 1.8m tall Singapore flag, which took approximately seven days to complete, at Plaza Singapura.

Instead of popping the yummy M&Ms into our mouth, each of us had the privilege to place a lentil to form the flag! 

Recalling M&Ms famous and longest lasting slogan - "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.", that explains why it was an easy task to have so many people over the past week to place the chocolate candies into the slots, joining our efforts to create the largest M&Ms Singapore flag.

To celebrate Singapore's 49th birthday, the drinks and food prepared blended in nicely with the red and white theme.

M&M's mascots roved around the road show and mingled with the public. Children headed forward to earn an opportunity for a quick photo shoot with their favourite M&Ms.

Notice the Red and Blue dress code on Denver & Gladys that coincides beautifully with our lovable M&Ms mascot at the back?

Our feisty little princess was determine to take pictures with all the M&M's mascots. Can you guess which one is her favourite? It's pretty obvious by just looking at the matching colour of her dress. *Wink.

The culmination for the Singapore Book of Records kicked off at 6pm, at the main stage area. Ms Ong Chiek Ming, Mars Inc Country Manager for Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, received the certificate officially from Mr Ong Eng Huat of Singapore Book of Records.

Thumbs up! The completion of the largest flag made of m&m's and a photo with our favourite red mascot.

If you have missed the event at Plaza Singapore, you can still catch a glimpse of the flag as it will be displayed at SAFRA Mount Faber for their Nation's 49@MF event which is open to the public on 9th August, 2014.


Anonymous said...

It was lovely meeting you guys again! Your princess is too cute lah - take photo with all 4 mascots! :D ~Grace

Phoebe said...

Thanks Grace! It was great to see you again too! ^_^

It was a pity we didn't manage to take a group photo with all the 4 mascots together but at least we combined each of them together. Hahahaha. :)

Hope to see you again!


frannywanny said...

hi!! my hubby and i were there too! we were at the table beside yours :)


Phoebe said...

Hi Fran!

Yes! Nice to meet you. :) Lovely photos on your blog too! Very nice bubble speech in a comic style.

Hope to see you again!


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