Monday, February 10, 2014

~ KIDSFEST! 2014 - Horrible Histories Awful Egyptians ~

Thanks to Ai Sakura's recent KidsFest 2014 giveaway contest, we were lucky to win 4 Category 1 tickets to the "Horrible Histories Awful Egyptians" last Saturday! We could not hide our excitement as this is our family first experience attending an Art performance!

Our first visit to The Singapore Repertory Theatre.

This is the show that we'll be catching later! 

Denver & Gladys waiting outside the theatre patiently. 

Don't be surprised that Art performances as such attracted quite a fair bit of audience! We arrived earlier and manage to catch a glimpse of the overwhelming response from the 3pm show. Seems like a full house!

The shows printed on the booklet looked very entertaining and captivating. Hubby highlighted to me that "The Gruffalo's Child" is an interesting story about a child seeking into the deep dark wood looking for the 'big bad mouse'. Browsing through the story books pile, I felt like I'm a child once again.

 It's time to enter and we were thrilled to join SengkangBabies and Ai Sakura for the performance!

The one hour play was filled with songs and humor. We joined Professor Storey, Bill and Maisie in their little adventure as Ramsses's spirit, which was hidden inside the statuette appears, bringing us back to the ancient Egypt to learn abnout the ancient pharaohs, pyramids and the mummification.

It wasn't as gross and awful as the title suggests. I thought it was FUN and AWESOME. Kudos to the actors and actress who injected a lot of humor along the way. I particularly love the part where bits and pieces of the dead body parts were thrown onto the stage - as it was collected. Sounds petrifying? But it was nothing of that sort and the audience joined in the laughter.

Our first arty experience and we enjoyed every single bit of it! We would love to bring our children for more such exposure in the future!


Ai Sakura said...

Glad you all enjoyed it! :) We went to get the book too haha

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Phoebe said...

Nice!! I thought it was an eye-opener for our family. :)

BPDGTravels :)

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