Sunday, February 2, 2014

~ Chinese New Year Prelude - Where the celebration begins! ~

What does Chinese New Year means to you? To me, it means doing everything together as a family. We began preparation a month before the first day. From spring cleaning, walking through the neighbourhood buying Chinese New Year decorations, picking our pots of flowers and buying new clothing, we involved our children carry on the tradition with us.


The fun began on Chinese New Year Eve (除夕). We rushed through our final bits of spring cleaning and ready to have our Reunion Dinner (团圆饭). The children looked forward to this dinner as everyone gathers around the big round table and had fun popping in the sumptuous food specially prepared by my brother and sister-in-law. Yummy!

This was one of our main highlight - Lo-Hei (捞鱼生). This year, we added in slices of abalone and sprinkled 柚子 giving it an extra sweetness.

Denver & Gladys were the first to standby at the table with their chopsticks ready to dig in!

Visiting River Hongbao is our annual event and we part of our activity to 守岁. Check out our Facebook page for more photos taken at the RHB this year. 

It has been a tiring month but everyone in the family participated in the preparations. It's a time to get together in the mist of our busy working and study schedule. It's a New Year and lets not forget to stay together as a family all the time. 


Unknown said...

Your Yusheng looks very yummy! :) Happy Lunar New Year to you and family. Love the prelude collage too, very festive!

Phoebe said...

Thanks Dana's Mommy & Daddy! The Yusheng tasted Yummy too because of the additional ingredients inside. :)

Happy Lunar to you & your family too and wishing you prosperity and happiness! ^_^


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