Saturday, February 1, 2014

~ Enchanting experience at River Hongbao 2014 ~

We are back here again - River Hongbao 2014! Almost every year, without fail, we will travel down to the Floating Platform @ Marina Bay after our reunion dinner. Compared to the previous year, we were blessed with a breezy night. It was a pleasure admiring the beautiful hand-crafted lanterns from Sichuan among the crowds.

Entrance to the River Hongbao - Beautifully lit with 2 horses welcoming its guests.

I adore the purple lighting and how well the circular lanterns that was displayed along the entrance blends in with the overall theme.

Variety of lanterns on display at River Hongbao 2014. Hubby and I felt that this year's lanterns were prettier and more enchanting.

Its Spring and Flowers are blooming!

One of the most popular lanterns among all and a Must Have at every River Hongbao - God of Fortune (财神爷) standing at 18m tall watching and over looking Marina Bay Sands.

Denver and Gladys' favourite spot at the RHB. This year, Hubby prepared a tube full of 5 and 10 cents coins for our kiddos to try their luck and skill at hitting the bell.

12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Another highlight where crowds gather to check against their respective zodiac sign for their fortune.

Since its the Year of the Horse, you will find a couple of horse-related lanterns around RHB. 

We managed to take a snapshot with our zodiac sign. 

On our way out, we spotted this uncle who's bicycle was brightly lighted with LEDS and blinking, colourful little bulbs. His appearance attracted stares from curious on-lookers. Many did not hesitate to take a picture of him and his 2 wheeler. The friendly uncle also stopped and posed for the crowd.

River Hongbao 2014 is open to public from 29 January to 8 February 2014.Admission is free with different performances daily. 

Visit our Facebook page to look out for more photos taken at River Hongbao 2014. 

Here's wishing everyone a Horse-piscious, Healthy and Happy Year ahead!

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