Wednesday, November 13, 2013

~ The Water Family Swim Carnival 2013 ~

Denver and Gladys have been learning swimming for some time already. Although they did not achieve significantly in sports, swimming is one of their favourite outdoor activity and they love to be in the waters.

Our kids have been under Teacher Jerry's coaching and guidance for about 10 months and they adore him! I can see Denver improving in his strokes and swimming faster than before. Gladys is slower in picking up and needed more encouragement and motivation. Luckily, Teacher Jerry is able to guide her with lots of patience even though she can be rather frustrating at times.

The kids were very excited upon learning that their swimming coach is hosting a swim carnival! Denver and Gladys signed up for 4x50m relay and 50m breaststroke respectively. For the past couple of weeks, they practiced and trained during their swimming lesson.

10th November 2013 - It was raining in the morning. For a moment, we were worried that the event would be cancelled. Fortunately, the competition went on smoothly as planned. There was a crowd at Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex. Grandparents, parents and sibling came to give their utmost support for their loved ones.

The Water Family Enrichment Centre - Group Photo before the start of the competition!

Our kids were having a bit of anxiety!

Trophies to be won! Finisher medal for everyone who completed the swimming event. 

Gladys had a little warm up in the pool before the competition.

Gathering the children and separating them into their respective division. :)

Good Luck!

Gladys in her waiting area together with her competitors!

Denver in his 4x50m relay grouping. They may not know each other but everyone will put in their best effort!

That's my boy and girl!

Gathering at the starting point, ready..... at the sound of the horn, and they splashes into the pool!

This is the first time I witnessed Gladys trying so hard to swim the 50m without holding on to the side of the pool, without giving up, stretching her body and finally finishing her swim. She may not have won any trophy but she was already a winner in our hearts.

Good job Gladys! For trying so hard and finishing your swim on your own!

Denver was up in action in the last event - 4x50m relay. He was the third swimmer in the line up. Although his team was already falling behind, he pushes himself and swim as fast as he could. His group managed to come up to 4th position. Denver was a bit disappointed but everyone did their very best.

For their hard work, the kids earned themselves a finisher medal! ^_^

It was very encouraging to see the crowd cheering and clapping for the children no matter how fast or slow one may be. Every child was serious about their events and I'm sure they had a good swim. It was a good gateway and learning experience for the children, and swimmers as young as kindergarten level can participate! It was a very successful event and Everyone Is A Winner!

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