Friday, November 15, 2013

~ Media Preview - Happy Feet Mumble's Wild Ride - New 4D Experience @ Sentosa ~

After the trilling launch of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island a few months ago, Sentosa 4D AdventureLand is pumping up its ride with the launch of Happy Feet Mumble's Wild Ride! 

We took the cable car ride into Sentosa and on our way to experience the new ride which will premier on 16th November 2013.
Our Wild Ride starts here!! We are looking forward to see how Mumble and his hilarious penguin friends will entertain us through the journey.

Mr Kevin Cheong, Executive Director of Sentosa 4D Adventureland giving the guests a welcoming speech. The little ones were totally mesmerized by our cute and friendly penguin mascot!

It's great to see friends at the event. Having Sengkang babies with us was a bonus to our kiddos. We enjoyed catching up with each other and taking group photos together. :)
Visitors were being briefed on the safety measures at the waiting area. Upon entering the main 4D theater, we quickly hopped into one of the 6 seater space-like capsule.

Seat belts buckled, and we were ready to be WOWED! Unlike its predecessor, the Extreme Log Ride, Happy Feet Mumble has added in fun elements within the ride as we followed our little black and white furry penguins' trail in the heart of South Pole. 

Mumble, the heart-warming tap dancing Emperor penguin embarks on a breathtaking journey to discover the cause of his colony's diminishing food supply. We joined him waddling, racing, crashing and sliding his way through the ice while enjoying injection of chilling air blasters along the way. Not forgetting his little escape from a mysterious fish famine.
In addition to the Happy Feet's Mumble's Wild Ride!, visitors of 4D Sentosa AdventureLand will now have unlimited admissions to watch the 4D movie - Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, enjoy the 4D ride, and play an interactive 4D shooting game @ Desperados!

Sentosa 4D AdventureLand

Operating Hours: 10am to 9pm (Daily)
Admission rates: SGD $38.90 (Adult), SGD 26.90 (Child, 3 to 12 years old)

Enjoy all 3 rides (unlimited) with the one-day adventure pass. *Free entry for children under 3 years old and Sentosa Island admission and charges apply

The 4D AdventureLand have packaged 4D movie, ride and game together, and the children LOVES IT! Particularly going for another round of shooting game and aiming to be the best shooter which we missed out the other time. Even simple game can be very competitive. :)

Our kiddos enjoyed the ride. Denver was anticipating the ending of the mysterious fish while Gladys held on tightly as we swayed from left to right with occasional bumps and shakes. The ride was pretty entertaining with the lovable penguins projecting a softer image, suitable for the younger ones.

School holidays have officially commenced and it was a great start for our children to enjoy their holiday with a series of 4D Adventure!

Disclosure: All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. Thank you Sentosa & DSPG for the invitation to experience the 4D AdventureLand and the official launch of Happy Feet Mumble's Wild Ride!

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