Sunday, June 23, 2013

~ Treehouse Cafe @ The Grandstand ~

After spending a fun-filled morning visiting the various interesting services/activities catered for children during our Kids' Day out at The Grandstand, our final stop is a food tasting session (as well as our lunch) at the Treehouse Cafe.

The warm ambiance and decor makes me feel very welcoming as I stepped into the cafe. The indoor play area however, was the center of attraction for my little girl. We love to dine together as a family but usually the kids gets restless while waiting or after their meals, and its hard to enjoy a cup of coffee/tea thereafter. Seeing a mini 'playground' inside the cafe definitely is a delight for Gladys.

Treehouse Cafe is one of the few restaurants that has an indoor treehouse and play area to keep the children occupied while daddies and mummies sit down and watch their little ones as they dine and chat.

There are Lego blocks, some small toys and books at the play area on the ground floor and a small kitchen playset on level 2. While older kids can play on their own, parents taking younger children should accompany their child particularly if they are on the stairways and level 2. Personally, I find there can be a wider selection and availability of toys, especially on second floor as it was pretty empty and dark. Gladys looked a bit disappointed after making her way up.

Apart from child-friendly facilities, Treehouse Cafe also serves a variety of European and Asian dishes to suit the taste buds of both adults and children. Starting with the Breakfast menu, they serve bread, pancake, Eggs Benedict and more.

Eggs Benedict with Jamon ($18)

I love their Tapas selection, particularly the Sauteed Spicy Mushrooms. It is not too spicy nor oily and I love the sweetness and softness of the mushrooms. The aftertaste was splendid, and I could not resist finishing the entire bowl.

Sauteed Spicy Mushrooms with Chilli & Garlic ($9)

Pork Meatball in Spicy Tomato Sauce ($12)
Nicely marinated and I like it to go with my rice.
Sizzling Prawns with Garlic, Chili & Olive Oil ($14)

Normally I do not order Lasagna as I find it a bit too heavy and over-whelming for my liking after a few spoonful. Found it refreshing and enjoying to take this dish once again. The Beef Lasagna is cheesy and nicely done.

Beef Lasagna ($20)

Gladys is a great fan of Pizzas and Cheese and selecting Cheesy Pizza from the Children Menu isn't that hard. All kids meal (for children below 12 years) at Treehouse Cafe is at $15 that includes a main course, a drink and a scoop of Movenpick Ice-cream. 

Cheesy Pizza - portion was just nice for Gladys and she finishes them in a swift. Apart from pizza, other kids meal selection includes nuggets, pasta, chicken sausage and fish soupy soup. 

Now for our Main course

Rosemary Chicken ($18) - served with tomato basil sauce, mashed potato and salad

Chicken meat is tender and nicely cooked. I would however prefer the portion to be slightly bigger. ^_^

Asian cuisine - Claypot Curry Chicken ($15) served with rice or baguette.

Gourment Steak Burger ($22) - served with chili tartar and cheese

I love this dish! The steak is juicy and tender which goes well with the soft bread, cheesy cheese, fresh onions, tomato and lettuce making the burger exceptionally yummylicious. No wonder this is one of the popular item on the menu.

Braised Lamb Shank ($26) - with spices & herbs accompanied with mashed potato and vegetables

Although I do not detest, I do not have a liking of mutton especially if the scent is too strong. Thank goodness this serving of Lamb Shank does not have a strong smell and it's meat is soft and tender.

My overall dining experience at the Treehouse Cafe has been pleasant, and I enjoyed most of the food. Pricing of the dishes is at the middle-range and I would prefer the portion of the food to be slightly bigger. I love the owner's concept of having a play area within the cafe which makes it very welcoming for families with children, giving parents a peace of their mind as the kiddos engage themselves in play time.

Treehouse Cafe
Address: 200 Turf Club Road, #01-17, Singapore 287994
Telephone: 6469 0282

Disclosure: Sponsored Review - All comments and opinions are personal. Thank you OpenRice for inviting us for the food tasting session @ The Grandstand.

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