Tuesday, June 11, 2013

~ The Grandstand - Crafting Heaven @ San Merinos ~

For those who adore art & craft, San Merinos is definitely a place that you should consider visiting. From knitting, stitching, embroidery to quilting, felting, you can find all your crafting needs here.

I LOVE Art & Craft since young and was really tempted by the variety of crafting projects you can find at San Merinos. The felting products are so CUTE that children and adults will fall in Love with them instantly! I was totally mesmerized by the handmade felting cleaner and the puffy Punyu2 mascot. They are so soft and nice to cuddle. Was told that it is not hard to make and can be done within a few hours using needle felting! I would love to try and make one next time. :)

Different types of yarns, threads, ribbons, fabric available in the shop. San Merinos holds a wide variety of products from Japan, Europe, UK and US where you will be spoilt for choices. 

 Thanks to San Merinos, Gladys and I will be doing 2 different crafts - UV resin (Mommy) and Needle felting (Gladys).

Materials needed for needle-felting: Felt wool, needle-felting applique mould (comes in different designs), needle-felting mat, pen style needle-felting tool and felt cloth. 

For today's felting craft, Gladys needs to use the pen-style needle felting tool that comes with 3 needles. 

Step 1: Place the felt cloth on top of the needle-felting mat.
Step 2: Place the  needle-felting applique mould (Gladys chose a hedgehog design) on top of the base fabric.
Step 3: Pull out some wool and insert wool roving into the mold.
Step 4: Use the pen-style needle-felting tool to punch the wool into the cloth.
Repeat Step 3 & 4 until the design is completed.

While our little girl was focusing on her craft work, Mommy gets busy with her very first UV resin craft!

We were provided with the UV resin craft kit which comes with a pendant, 2 different coloured paper and printed flower patterns.

Step 1: Cut your preferred colour backdrop for your pendant.
Step 2: Stick it firmly on the pendant.
Step 3: Cut out the printed flowers and place them (one at a time) on the pendant.
Step 4: After each printed flower is placed, a layer of UV resin has to be applied evenly around the pendant and dry under UV light.

Repeat Step 4 until all the patterns have been placed. You can also customize your pendant by adding glitter or gems on it. 

Waiting for the resin to dry under the UV light. 

Ta-Tah! This are our final products! :) Gladys' hedgehog and butterfly using the needle-felting technique and my beautiful flower pendant. Children (like adults) can also participate actively in needle work as long as they handle the needle with care.

Craft works not only train your motor skills, it also build up your patience and an eye for detail. Exercise your creativity and personalize your craft. Gladys & I had a fun-filled session and was exposed to more craft ideas that is currently available and popular in the market.

Apart from the DIY crafts that is readily available for you to purchase, San Merinos also holds crafting classes (from basic to advance level) and you can find more information here.

San Merinos
Address: 200 Turf Club Road, #04-12, Singapore 287994
Telephone: 6464 6332

Disclosure: Sponsored Review - All comments and opinions are personal. Thank you for the invitation to experience and explore the designated shops @ The Grandstand.

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