Monday, June 3, 2013

~ The Grandstand - Lego Fun @ Bricks 4 Kidz ~

It has been many years since we last visited Turf City. Didn't realise that it has under-gone another major facelift and is now renamed as "The Grandstand". Spreading over 2 million square feet, the new family lifestyle hub has a combination of F&B outlets, children enrichment activities and other family orientated facilities. We are extremely thrilled that it also offers ample free carpark lots and daily shuttle bus service to The Grandstand making it more accessible to the public.

Apart from dining and marketing at the hyper-mart, there are many activities families can engaged in at the various centres located on Level 4 of the lifestyle hub. We visited a couple of shops over the weekend and will be giving an insight on what they have to offer at The Grandstand.


Gladys had the opportunity to drop by "Bricks 4 Kidz" last weekend and experienced how to build a model using their specially designed project kits. Through quality play, children get to have fun as they develop their intellectual and motor skills.

The learning and play area is spacious, brightly lighted and clean. Boxes of Lego sets on the display rack caught Gladys' attention immediately

Safety rules and expectations were set at the beginning of the lesson to ensure that everyone will have a fun time learning and building their model together. The children watched short video clips and was exposed to interesting fun facts of what they will be building later on.

 This is a sample of what the children will be building in the lesson. :)

Each child will be given their own project kit with all the required lego components nicely placed within.

Gladys was so excited and couldn't wait to start! She followed the step-by-step instruction manual closely, ensuring the right pieces were picked and fixed together. Not only was it a test of patience, model building actually helps to stimulate her mind to observe, think and perform problem solving when things go wrong.

Everyone was very focus on building their seal model. The level of joy and satisfaction can be clearly seen on their faces as they progress and complete their project. 
 Gladys admiring the final product. 

This is the Seal model Gladys has built! 100% satisfaction and happiness as she did it on her own. ^_^

It was a very fulfilling experience for Gladys as she puts on her thinking hat and goes through the entire process of building the blocks from scratch to a complete, movable model. We don't have to go to Legoland to experience Lego Fun.

"Bricks 4 kidz" conducts lessons specially crafted for children of various age groups and they comes in different themes. They also host parties, celebrations and events for children that aims to be fun, memorable and educating. For more information of the services they provide, please refer to their website for details.

Bricks 4 kidz
Address: 200 Turf Club Road, #04-11, Singapore 287994
Telephone: 6466 9422

Disclosure: Sponsored Review - All comments and opinions are personal. Thank you for the invitation to experience and explore the designated shops @ The Grandstand.

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