Wednesday, May 19, 2010

~ Singapore Coins & Notes Museum ~

From 14th to 23rd May 2010, it is International Museum Day 2010! This year the theme is I love Museums - Kid's Edition. There is a full list of FUN-filled and educational activities AND most importantly it is OPEN HOUSE DAY where there will be free-entry to participating museums on 23rd May! Check out for more Details at!

Last Saturday, we visited the Singapore Coins & Notes Museum. It is located along Trengganu Street, opposite the Chinatown Heritage Centre. There is a free Personalized Note-Making Workshop (where you can have your photo printed on the notes) over the weekend and the response was OVERWHELMING! When we reached the museum around 11plus and registered for the workshop, we were already in the 2nd batch falling no. 78 in the queue. It is going to take another 2-3 hours at least before our turns come. I believe even the SCNM didn't expect such a great turn out. :) Anyway, we did not stay on to wait and let gave up our queue no. in the end.

Gallery 1 is located at Level 4 and Gallery 2 and Museum shop at Level 3.

Apart from the free workshop, Gallery 2 is also open to the public and we were lucky to be able to visit part of the museum for free too. There is the AV Gallery where visitors can sit down and learn how the coins are made, the minting process etc.

Currency from various countries on display.

There is also a Coin Rubbing station located at the interactive zone in Gallery 2. You can collect the free worksheet from the front counter and children can look through which coin belongs to which country and rub it on the correct spot on the worksheet.

The other popular spot for children and adult would have to be the "Coin" Minting Machine. Spent $2 and collect a token from the front counter and you can start your very own minting experience. We get to view the machine operates as the coin is being made and ours to keep and bring home as a piece of souvenir.

The coin got stuck and didn't dropped out. Help is needed :p

More coins on display for sale from various theme. (E.g. Chinese horoscope, F1, Places & Parks in Singapore etc). Youth Olympics souveniors are also available. Each is unique and a collector item on it's own.

Although we did not get to view Gallery 1 on level 4, it was still an experience for all of us. We spent almost an hour on level 3 itself even though it is a pretty small area. Denver always thought that coins are made from the Bank. Now he learned that this is not true and added a new vocabulary word in his word bank - Mint.


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Wah! Din know of such events.
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Thanks Hong Wei. Today is IMD! ^_^

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