Monday, May 31, 2010

~ NFC 2010 @ Sentosa (Songs of the Sea) ~

After having a good rest and nap, we are back to Sentosa in the evening. This time with my inlaws and big brother-in-law's family. We'll be watching the Songs of the Sea later at 8.40pm and there is still ample time to bring my inlaws around the island.

We parked our cars near Palawan Beach again and most of the crowd has disperse already. Unlike in the morning, this time while we are arriving, the families are going home with their goodie bags :p We can still see some people lingering around at the main tentage watching the Transformer movie while others are resting and playing by the beach. It is defnitely much cooler now compared to the heat experienced in the morning and maybe afternoon.
Someone spotted a Squirrel!

Families by the beach

Since we are still early, we made our way to the Beach Station to take a train down to the Waterfront station to have a look at the USS and Casinos. There is already a Long queue forming at the ground floor! OMG! Nevertheless, we waited patiently and finally managed to squeeze through, going up the escalator, to the platform and into the train. Everyone is perspiring away. :p

The sky has already turn dark as we exit the station. We linger around outside the USS, Casino and have a little walk inside the 'alley' of branded shops and hotels.

We are about an hour away from the show and hence decided to walk back to the Siloso beach instead of taking the train. (The queue waiting for the train is still very long.) Although it is 2 stations away but along the way, we saw the Merlion again. :p Gladys is the happiest among us. She gets to see the Merlion in the day and now seeing it again in the night. She must be puzzled why the Merlion looks so purple and there are lights in the eyes and mouth. :)

Merlion Walk in the night is much prettier compared to the day.. There are lights, music and the weather is definitely much cooler and more enjoyable to walk.

At the end of the Merlion Walk, there is a zig-zag slope all the way down...It is a pretty long slope but we were there just in time to sneak peak at the Songs of the Sea performance from far. Hahaha. :p Those who didn't purchase the tickets can also get the see part of the laser & water show performance..including the fireworks from here. ^_^

We arrived about 20 mins earlier at the Songs of the Sea entrance to get seated. The centre seats have already been taken and those who entered slightly later will have to sit at the side. We managed to get seated down and wait for the final finale for today's NFC event. ^_^

Start of the show! :)

The show was GREAT! Gladys was a bit scared with the fireworks towards the end. Think the blast gave her a scare. Denver loves it though since this was his first time watching the performance. Everyone had a good time together. :) THANK YOU NFC!

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