Sunday, May 16, 2010

~ Past Holiday Experiences 7 - New York Mar 2005 (Part 2) ~

My colleagues and I spent one of the Saturday travelling out to visit New York City. While travelling on the road, I snap shot some pictures along the way. The sky looks so blue and it is a pleasure seeing the wider roads, power lines, bridges and various houses. Enjoying every moment of it!
We booked a local tour to take us around NYC, Liberty Island, Ellis Island and the United Nations which also includes a free lunch. Unfortunately, I can't really recall how much we paid for the tour since that was 5 years ago. We are probably the only asians on board as the tour bus took us a morning ride around the streets.
The bus drove along Wall Street and Broadway where I get a good look at the various skyscrapers. Some of the interesting buildings that I noticed was Bank of New York, Trinity Church Cemetry, United States Court of International Trade etc.
The roads and junctions are so straight that I always try to figure out where is the end point. There are so many streets and numbers and I'm sure I will get lost in this big city.

The bus dropped us near the Battery Park Ferry Port where we queue up to take the ferry to Liberty Island. There was already a crowd ahead but it still feels great waiting in the cold weather. I will be frastrated if it is the hot and humid weather here. :p From where I stand, I can see the Liberty island straight ahead.
Clear Blue Sky and White Birds

We finally got on the boat after going through another round of security checks. It feels even colder as the wind blows. We are getting closer and closer to the Statue of Liberty!
It is amazing stepping foot on the island itself and seeing the statue of Liberty right in front of me! I seen it in the movies, read it in the books and oh gosh! Here I am! The Statue of Liberty was a gift of friendship from France to the United States and it is a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. Definitely not leaving without taking some photos with this iconic structure!

Group Photo. :)

Next stop - Ellis Island which is part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument. It is U.S premier federal immigration station and over 12 million immigrant entered the nation through this gateway. Ellis Island went through major restoration and the main building was restored after 30 years of abandonment and opened as the Ellis Island Immigration museum on September 10, 1990.

After touring the 2 island, we are back at the Historic Battery Park where the large metallic sculpture - The Sphere is located. It once stood in the middle of Austin Tobin Plaza, between the World Trade Center towers in Manhattan. After the September 11 attacks, it was being recovered from the rubble and relocated to the Battery Park as a memorial to the victims of 9/11.
We also went to visit the actual site where the twin towers of the World Trade Center used to stand. Back then, it was still empty and construction is ungoing to rebuild the area with new skyscrapers. I wonder how does it looks like now.

After lunch, our final stop for the tour is visiting the United Nations. Again we went through another round of security check before entering. I have the priviledge and opportunity to be at the General Assembly Hall - the largest meeting room at the UN, Security Council Chamber, Economic & Social Council Chamber etc where many important global meetings are held.
There are also many exhibits and artworks on display which are gifts donated by the members of the United Nations.
Our tour ended with the tour bus bringing us back to where we set off earlier this morning.
Seeing the sky turning dark and the lights gradually lighted up the New York City on a cold winter night is exciting. The entire city looked so Charming. I think I'm starting to miss the City again. :)


Unknown said...

If you ever go visit New York again, I highly recommend visiting a park on Staten Island. Its called Fresh Kills Park. It used to be a landfill and was turned into an enormous park.

Phoebe said...

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for the recommendation. Looks pretty. Would love to visit New York again if there is an opportunity. It is beautiful!

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