Monday, February 4, 2019

River Hongbao 2019

We have many things on our bucket lists to do during Chinese New Year period and visiting River Hongbao is one of them. This year, I won some tickets to POSB River Hongbao Night 2019 and our family get to be seated to catch the performances and fireworks.

It was a windy evening and it was actually very relaxing and cooling to be seated! The wide screen is super clear despite us being seated far behind.

We witnessed the official opening of River Hongbao by Guest-of-Honour Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, followed by the dazzling 1 minuted display of fireworks.

With the lanterns lighted up, we took a stroll to see what installations River Hongbao 2019 has. This year marks the Bicentennial Commemoration of Singapore. Hence, guests are welcomed by a majestic dragon forming the shape of "200" as a grand arch.

Enter the 30m entrance walkway with hanging lanterns and bird cages. This is a favourite spot for many to take pictures against the rows of colourful lights.

We had our family photo here too!

Its not easy to take group photos when there is a crowd who also wanted to have their pictures taken. Nevertheless, we managed to take at some spots.

The largest lantern set on the Float is at 60m long and 10m tall with the theme - Our Garden, Our Home. 

Spanning across the lantern (from left to right) are scenes of Sang Nila Utama who found Singapura, to the signing of 1819 treaty between Stamford Raffles and Sultan Hussein to the building and development of Singapore into a modern Garden City to the transformation into a smart nation.

Take a closer look on the lanterns and we noticed how we are so attached to gadgets like mobile phones and laptops. Definitely a deep resemblance on what's happening currently.

Checking our fortunes against our zodiac animal. It is also a must for me to take the 12 zodiac animals at River Hongbao every year.

This majestic peacock lantern is my favourite at this year's River Hongbao. Peacock symbolises beauty, dignity and optimism while the red-hued lanterns signify happiness, good fortune and bright future. Definitely what I hope for the new year!

Cute Fortune Cat for good luck and fortune!

Every year, we will bring our annual savings of 5 cents coins for everyone to throw the coins and hit the bells of blessings at the Wishing Fountain. Apart from hoping we have a smooth-sailing year ahead, all money collected will be donated to charity.

The God of Fortune is River Hongbao's main lantern attraction. Standing at 18m tall, this year's God of Fortune is carrying a Ruyi ceremonial sceptre on his raised right hand and a chinese scroll on his left to wish everyone a prosperous year ahead. God of Fortune will also have his Fortune shower at 6.30pm, 7.30pm, 8.30pm and 9.30pm.

Fireworks is another key highlight of this year's River Hongbao as award-winning fireworks artists from across the globe will light up the night sky of Marina Bay with fireworks combined with pyrotechnic art, colours, lights and sounds!

We stayed for all the firework sessions at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm with the final finale worth 10 minutes of spectacular fireworks display! If you missed it, you can catch it on 4th Feb, midnight or 9th & 10th Feb, 10pm! There are also nightly fireworks at 10pm at River Hongbao.

Here are some of my favourite takes.

Clips of the 10mins Fireworks at River Hongbao 2019

Wishing everyone a Prosperous Year of the Pig with Good Health and Happiness.

River Hongbao 2019
Date: 3 Feb - 10 Feb 2019
Opening Hours: 2pm - 11pm
Address: The Float@Marina Bay, 20 Raffles Avenue. S039805

Free Admission

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