Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Outdoor Family Photoshoot with Bespoke Photography

The last time we ever had a family portrait together was when our daughter was born 12 years ago. I vividly recalled it was just a single shot taken within the studio and we only had a hard copy of the photograph. Time flies and now our children have grown up to be teenagers. I definitely missed the times when they were younger and a little regretful not to have another family portrait taken then.

Hence, you can imagine how excited I was when we had our very first outdoor family photoshoot with Bespoke Photography. We decided to go to Botanic Gardens since I have a preference for  nature and greenery. It is also a place where we have brought our children to for walks a couple of times.

Prior to the photoshoot, I was pretty clueless. Thankfully, our assigned photographer (from Bespoke) contacted me and gave us some helpful tips for our attire. Most importantly to be ourselves and have plenty of rest. We went ahead with matching coloured tops, jeans and covered shoes. (and I thought it blends in pretty well with the greenery). We also decided to bring along our daughter's favourite cuddly toy dog - Doopy to be part of our family photoshoot as 'he' has contributed to many fun and loving memories.

On the day of our photoshoot, we met up with the photographer from Bespoke who is soft spoken, friendly and accommodating. He guided us on how to pose and when I asked if the children can have some jump shots, he was quick to fulfill our request. We feel very at ease throughout the 1 hour session and he will sneak some candid shots to capture our most natural moments.

The edited photos were ready and shared with us 2 weeks after our photography session! We love all the pictures and here are some of our favourites!

A proper family portrait is a must and I love how everyone looks natural, bright and cheery.

The children are growing so fast that they are so much taller than I now.

Would love to have these scenes reenact whenever we go out for walks or outings. The more realistic scene would be the children walking behind us with their eyes on their mobile phones! Having  family photoshoot together is also a good excuse for quality family time!

Apart from family portraits, Bespoke photographer also reserved a few shots for couples and siblings as well as individual poses which is very thoughtful!

I came to realize having siblings to take pictures together is not an easy feat! They tend to squabble, make fun of each other, and feel awkward posing. My boy in particular does not seem to be able to smile naturally and it took a few tickles, jokes, patience and quick response from the photographer to capture the right moment.

Loving the sun ray effect

Individual pose - display of personal character and style

Doopy coming in handy for special poses :) I must say 'he' too helped us to relax and have some fun!

Children taking on the jump shots towards the end of the photoshoot session.

It has been a memorable experience for our family and we are thankful that the pictures turn out amazingly well. These timeless pictures will be treasured and have a special piece of memory in our family's album.

Apart from Family Photography, Bespoke also offers photography for various events - Wedding, Maternity, Newborn, Graduation, Birthday etc
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Contact: 9651 9810
Instagram: @Bespokephotograhysg

* Disclosure: Our family went for a complimentary 1 hour outdoor family photoshoot with Bespoke Photography for review purposes. All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received.

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