Tuesday, November 8, 2016

New Cable Ski Park @ Singapore Wake Park (East Coast)

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Image Credit : Singapore Wake Park

Wakeboarding seems like a sport that we would not even think of trying as it looks pretty tough and challenging. However, this is no longer a dream as the surface water sport is brought closer to us with the opening of Singapore Wake Parkthe only cable-ski park in the country, where riders can wakeboard, kneeboard and cable-ski with an overhead running cable East Coast Park!

After a two year hiatus and a change in management, the cable-ski attraction returned to Singapore's watersports scene. The new cable-ski facility features three state-of-the-art cable systems, comprising of two System 2.0s designed for beginners and a full-size cable system for experienced wakeboard enthusiasts all in an enclosed body of water. This means complete novice, seniors and even children as young as six-years old can experience cable-sking as long as participants are confident and able to move in water with a life-jacket, and are physically fit.

When we first learnt about this, the children were extremely keen and excited to give it a try! We arrived at the park in the evening as the sky darkens. Initially, I was concerned if the kiddos can still cable-ski? It turns out my worries were unfounded as there are floodlights to illuminate the park allowing riders to ride in the night too!

Denver & Gladys knew how to swim, though it has been awhile since their last dip in the waters. Dressed in comfortable clothing, their first stop is putting on fitting safety jackets and helmets before proceeding to the System 2.0 cable system with the instructors.

Feeling a little nervous seeing the murky waters in the enclosed zone. Don't worry, there are no crocodiles in the lagoon. 

For beginners, they will start with the Easy Up boards. Only when you are able to cable-ski with the beginner board confidently, then you can progress to the wakeboards. 

The two-tower system is well-suited to novices as only one rider is allowed at a single time, thus allowing instructor to focus fully on the individual. In addition, it has a gentle increase in speed from 0km/h to 25km/h, which helps the rider to anticipate the pull of the cable. Speed is controlled manually by another staff to allow for personalised adjustments.

Denver & Gladys fell in the waters multiple times. After each fall, they swam their way back to the white floating walkways and walk back to the starting dock, and try again. This goes on and on with only one target in their minds - to successfully cable-ski their way straight to the tower at the other end.

Easier said than done... they fell into the waters once again. It was physically exhausting and I am amazed how much resilience and stamina they had to keep on going for nearly an hour (without their goggles and gulping in a lot of water)!

Many thanks to Viviane, who gave the kiddos some personal coaching.

This is no easy feet and our boy tried to go as far as he could. 

Gladys on the other hand managed to 'squat' all the way to the end point! Kudos to both of them for their determination!

Our kiddos were unsuccessful to progress further but for those who can, they will proceed to the second System 2.0s where it will be of a longer distance. 

For experienced riders, they get to ride around the park with the new Sesitec full-size cable system which has six towers and six evenly-spaced carriers! With a maximum speed of 31km/h, it takes 66 seconds to complete a round. Up to six riders can ride each time and recommended ages is from 10 years old to seniors in their 50s, with assessment based on individual's water competence and fitness level.

Singapore Wake Park offers many amenities such as shower rooms, changing rooms, lockers for the safekeeping of belongings. You can bring your own padlock to use with their lockers, or simply grab one from the shop for $3.

After a good workout, the children deserve a treat! Apart from cable-skiing, there is a cafe and bar next to the lagoon, Coastal Rhythm, where you can sit around to watch the action on water. It is open to public and Park's visitors, offering a good spread of international and local cuisine on its menu. A great spot for families and friends to gather and chill even if you are not planning to cable-ski.

Nice view from the cafe. It was breezy that evening and the children enjoyed the free wireless connectivity where they can play and catch Pokemon too! Hubby took the opportunity to walk around the park as part of his daily workout.  

Gladys enjoying her drink very much. :)

We spent a great evening at Singapore Wake Park and will definitely be back again for more cable-skiing and dining experience at Coastal Rhythm.

Singapore Wake Park is running a opening 2-for-1 promotion for the month of November! Bring a friend and two of you pay the price of one! This means each person pays $20 for 1-hour session. *Promotion is available only on the beginner systems (System 2.0). Check out their website for more details.

Time to plan for another visit for the kiddos to try out the cable-ski before the promotion ends. ^_^

Singapore Wake Park
Address: 1206A East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449891
Opening Hours of Cable Systems:
Mondays to Fridays (10am-10pm)
Saturday, Sundays and Public Holidays (9am-10pm)
Rates: From $40 (weekdays) and $60 (weekends)


Coastal Rhythm Cafe
Opening Hours:
Mondays to Thursday (10am-11pm)
Fridays and Eve of Public Holidays (10am-1am)
Saturdays (9am-1am)
Sundays (9am-11pm)

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