Wednesday, November 2, 2016

[JB] Doi Chaang Coffee @ Holiday Villa Johor Bahru

Being frequent traveler into Johor Bahru, we enjoy driving in early across the border to avoid being trap in the traffic jam. BUT what can you do that early in the morning before the malls are even opened? There are many places which serve good breakfast as early as 7am. After breakfast,  we will find a cafe to rest.

During one of our road trip, we chanced upon Doi Chaang Coffee Cafe in Holiday Villa. It used to operate 24 hours where we were able to rest our eyes before continuing our journey. Since September, they have changed the hours to 930am - 330am instead. Nevertheless, we still enjoy dropping by where we can grab a cup of coffee to rejuvenate our bodies.

I love the ambiance of the cafe - clean, spacious and cozy.

On our weekend getaway, the children can spend some time at the cafe catching up on their homework, while Hubby and I enjoy our drinks and rest.

Even though it is a coffee place, the children prefer to order their milk series - Earl Grey, Vanilla, Strawberry. ~ RM11 per cup

Apart from their signature coffee, we also enjoyed its organic tea and pastries. 

Free Wifi and charging points are available which allow us to charge up our gadgets and use our phones within the Cafe. A nice stop over if you arrived early in the morning or if you plan to chill and relax late in the nights.

Doi Chaang Coffee
Address: G-11, Holiday Villa Johor Bahru, 260, Jalan Dato' Sulaiman, Taman Abad, 80250, Johor Bahru 
Operating Hours: 930am - 330am

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