Monday, February 15, 2016

Reunion Dinner @ Fo You Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant (佛有緣素食餐馆)

With one important loved one absent from the dining table, this year's reunion dinner felt different. We probably should have brought him here last year, but it was not meant to be. Every now and then, images of him and bits of memory appears. He is deeply missed, but I hope he is happy and freed from pain.

Our first visit to Fo You Yuan (佛有緣素食餐馆), located at Lavender Street. This is also my second time dining at a Vegetarian restaurant after SuFood. Since it is the Chinese New Year period, they only offer set meals. On normal days, diners can order dishes from their a-la carte selection.

We took up the 9 course meal for 10 pax priced at $398++ which includes free flow of tea of your choice.

Prosperity Yu Sheng (vegetarian) was our first dish on the table. I must compliment their vegetarian salmon slices looked and tasted so good that even our kiddos mistaken them to be real salmon! Our first Lo-Hei for 2016 and we wished for good health, happiness and a smooth sailing Year of the Monkey.

Deluxe Cold Dish consisting of five different varieties consisting of mushroom, vegetarian rolls, kway teow etc. Personally, I like the fried mushroom and it was also popular among the children.

Double Boil Herbal Soup is a nice refreshing, tonic drink before our main dishes were served. 

Vegetarian Eight Treasure Duck - I did not realised this was meant to be mock duck since its taste and texture is hard to replicate. This dish did not leave an impression on me and I thought it was a mixed vegetable platter.

Mock Cod Fish with Special Sauce - Another popular dish among our kiddos as they enjoyed the sweetness of the mock fish. The children were pretty impressed and curious how the chef was able to make them looked so real. This is truly an art of culinary.

Seasonal Green with Monkey Head Mushrooms - Mushrooms are soft and tender. Thanks to the sauce and bean curb skin that wraps the ingredients, it made the dish sweeter.

Sugar Cane Sprout with Tri-colour Pepper - Another nice mix of assorted greens and we did not feel sinful as we indulge in our 9 course meal.

Fo You Yuan Signature Bee Hoon - Frankly speaking, I was not too impressed with the outlook of the bee hoon when it was served. It looked very white, plain and not very appetizing. However, once you give it a nice mix, this bee hoon taste exceptionally delicious. Everyone was scooping up the bee hoon and we wished there was more! Definitely my favourite pick for the night.

We ended our meal with a delicious nourishing dessert - Papaya with White Fungus. Sweet, soft and smooth as we slurp down our throats.

Overall dining experience at Fo You Yuan has been pleasant and the serving of the food is reasonable. I thought the price was a little on the high side as our final bill came up to $456. Food taste good though not exceptionally impressive (probably because I am not a vegetarian to judge and comment).

Fo You Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant (佛有緣素食餐馆)
Address: 310 Lavender Street, S338815

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