Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mandala Dot Acrylic Painting on Daiso Canvas Board

I love art but painting is something that I am still very unfamiliar with. The acrylic paints which I bought ages ago have been a white elephant and it's time that I put them to good use. Yesterday, I finally set my mind (& heart) and bought some canvas board home to do some painting. Daiso's canvas board (S$2) is indeed a good and affordable buy especially for beginners like myself. The quality of the canvas is pretty good too!

Since this is my first attempt, I decided to go for something simple. I recalled seeing artists doing Mandala dot acrylic painting on stones and always wanted to try it out on canvas. Hence, I did some searching on the internet for ideas and gathered my tools to start my first piece of artwork.

- Canvas board
- Acrylic paints
- Paintbrushes (various sizes)
- Palette

Here's how you can convert a plain white canvas board into a picture that you can hang at home. First, I painted the background of my canvas black. You can also choose other colours as your base but I figured a black background will allow the colours to stand out, plus it blends in with most of the colours nicely.

I started with painting white dots in a Mandala style on the canvas board. Mandala means "circle" which represents wholeness and offers balancing visual elements. Using the back of the paintbrush, I made bigger dots of various sizes. For the smaller dots, I used a fine paintbrush.

While the dots may not look perfect, it was a therapeutic process for me as I continued to paint.

It took me a few hours to complete my first Mandala Dot Acrylic artwork but the end product is extremely satisfying. Never thought that I could do this but I did! If you find your walls too plain and is in need to look for some artwork to put on, try DIY with Daiso Canvas and some Acrylic paints. I have just transformed a $2 white canvas board into a nice piece of picture art.


Danessa Foo said...

That's one pretty art piece you've created and it feels more gratifying to hang your own artwork on the walls :)

Shub said...

Beautiful and Creative! The drawing looks very simple to create but am sure it needs loads of patience. I ll surely show this to my art loving daughter

Unknown said...

That looks so therapeutic, and the style really reminds me of those aboriginal paintings from Australia.

Pooja Kawatra said...

Gorgeous and indeed full of your love and hardwork. I feel like doing one for myself.

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