Thursday, December 17, 2015

Red Rice Wine Mee Suah at Restoran Lima Ratus (Taman Perling)

Our family was on our way to Perling Mall for an afternoon of fun at Big Boss N Landbut decided to explore Taman Perling since we were early. We dropped by Restoran Lima Ratus at Taman Perling to try the renown Foochow Red Rice Wine Mee Suah.

Apart from Red Rice Wine Mee Suah, it also sells other noodle dishes. (Wanton Mee, Chicken Feet Noodle, Char Siew Mee, etc)

We placed our orders and was surprised that a bowl of cucumber was served first. Not sure if this was part of the bill but I pretty much enjoyed the meat stuffing minus the cucumber since I am afraid of the bitterness.

Wanton Mee for our girl. The wanton skin is smooth and the meat is sweet and tender. Noodle tasted pretty delicious with the sauce and it is a comfort food for the children. However, Gladys switched bowl with Hubby after spotting the red rice wine mee suah.

Apart from Red Rice Wine Mee Suah, Hubby and I strongly feel that their chicken feet is a MUST TRY! The meat and skin is so soft and tender and the sauce is not overly sweet and salty. This is probably one of the best chicken feet I have tasted.

Red Rice Wine Mee Suah (RM8) - You can instantly smell the fragrance of the wine when it was served to our table. The chewy, silky soft mee suah locked in the flavour of the red rice wine and vinegar which makes every slurp uniquely tasty. Initially, I thought the children will not be able to adapt to the alcoholic red rice wine taste since it really tasted like confinement food. However, they surprised me saying that they LOVE it!

After chewing the soft chicken meat and slurping up the noodles and soup, my entire body felt warm. For RM8, I must say it is a pretty big bowl with lots of meat. As advised by the owner of the shop, Mr Low, who is going to be in his 80s, the soup is very healthy especially for women who has given birth. Drink the soup if you cannot finish the entire bowl.

Apart from cooking, Mr Low also has another talent - mimicking sounds of birds! He demonstrated the chirping sounds of a few birds which impressed all of us! Not only does it sound very much like a real one, it was so loud that it can be heard from afar! Mr Low shared with the children that he learnt and practiced at a very young age and has been invited to perform too. Now, he likes to entertain his customers and friends with his skill. If you are lucky, you might get a chance to see him in action and hear for yourself. The kids were honoured to have the opportunity to take a picture with Mr Low who is always friendly and healthy.

We are thankful for a very entertaining lunch with good food. 

Name: 何明记全旦云吞面 @ Restoran Lima Ratus (伍佰美食馆)
Address: 4, Jalan Undan 18, Taman Perling, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.481969, 103.683761


DerrickTan said...

Did the uncle show off his bird whistle skill?

Phoebe said...

Oh Yes! Definitely. :) And he is so good at it!

Unknown said...

Must try the next time we go JB! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, my hubs would love that wanton mee! And the red wine mee sua looks like a nourishing bowl of goodness! Yums!

Hello, Mrs Tan said...

OMG the red glutinous wine mee sua looks so good!!! It is so hard to find it in Singapore now, gonna bookmark this and get my hubby to bring us there when we cross the causeway!

Cynthia said...

I love love love red wine me sua!!! Will ffind the chance to go there when I'm in JB. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

My hubby's Grandma is FooChow and we love Red Wine Mee Sua!!! Is it easy to locate this stall? Can you please organise a JB Food Trail for us parent bloggers so we can tag along :)

Phoebe said...

hope you will like it

Phoebe said...

I didn't find this dish in sg. it is nice to have a chance to taste it in jb

Phoebe said...

wow. Didn't know you like red wine mee sua. hope you will like it

Phoebe said...

sounds nice to have a food trail in jb. would love to explore that too! think it will be fun. ☺

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