Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Exploring D'Resort @ Downtown East

It has been so many years since we last walk down the lane towards the old Costa Sand Resort at Downtown East. So many things have changed. The entrance is sealed. Gone are the chalet blocks A - L, the swimming pool and mini fitness corner. We have celebrated so many birthdays and had lots of BBQ sessions when Denver & Gladys were younger. Replacing it is the construction of new chalet units which is scheduled to be completed end next year.

When Hubby and I made a special trip down to visit the new D'Resort @ Downtown East once again, I felt a little sad. It was the same road that we took to Escape Theme Park before it was closed in November 2011. Now standing in its place is D'Resort - Singapore's first nature-inspired resort.

New blocks, new roads as well as new parking charges within the premises. :)

The drive way to Main Lobby area. 

Main lobby area - looks brighter, feels cooler and definitely more comfortable. There is even free flow of ice-water for guests.

Just outside the main lobby, we spotted Cheers, a cafe and a function room. This is the nearest convenience stall where you can get your snacks/drinks. Otherwise, it will be a longer walk or short drive to E! Hub.

Exploring the new chalet units, it has been divided into 4 main zones, namely, Park View, Beach Cove, Rainforest and Mangrove Walk. You can go by the colour code to identify each zone.

In addition, there are also more room types for guests to choose in accordance to their needs. What's interesting is the Themed Rooms that D'Resort has incorporated. Families can choose between Amazon Jungle or Underwater to add in more fun factor for their stay. For bigger group and family-oriented needs, Beach Cove Duplex will be most ideal as there is an extra floor which comes with kitchenette and a patio. Alternatively, there are standard rooms where friends can get together for BBQ sessions.

For more information:

Since we have no access to the rooms, Hubby and I peeked through the windows and try to make sense of how big the units are. From afar, it appears to be similar to the rooms we once stayed in at Costa Sand Resort. 

Rooms and BBQ units at Park View.

Rooms and BBQ units at Beach Cove.

Noticed the 3rd storey which we believe is where Beach Cove Duplex units reside.

While we applaud for the wider space between BBQ pits, we ponder if there is enough pits for every unit. There are lesser in numbers and if that's the case, it will be advisable to make your booking early to avoid disappointment in you intend to barbecue.

Another concern Hubby had when he looked at the BBQ pit is the height. Having done multiple BBQ sessions before, he personally feels that the pit is a little too deep. This simply means (in his opinion) that more charcoal and effort is needed to start the fire.

Currently, expansion works are still on-going and D'Resort will be opening more units in the near future integrating the waterpark experience. The exits to the beach and cycling tracks are currently sealed but gates will be installed with security feature to allow guests more convenient access to the outdoor park facilities.

It is a longer walk back to E!Hub and Wild Wild Wet. We could imagine the inconvenience having to walk between the water park and chalet units now. It will be more challenging during rainy conditions particularly when there are many food items to carry around. Hence, buggy services has been implemented ferrying guests to and fro between D'Resort and the Event Square.

While we love the look of the new rooms and surroundings, we have reservations with the vicinity to the E!Hub and Wild Wild Wet as well as the availability of BBQ pits and usage. Nevertheless, construction is still on-going and there is a lot of potential and space for further development where sheltered walkways and links could be up. We are looking forward to the final construction to be completed where we will create new memories of our BBQ sessions with our children at the new D'Resort.

D'Resort @ Downtown East
1 Pasir Ris Close, S519599


Meeningfully said...

Thanks for sharing! I have been seeing and reading some really nice things about the resort. I should put this down as something to explore soon!

Ai Sakura said...

It looks very new and clean though.. We went to Wet Wed Wild once a few years back and had lots of fun! It wasn't too crowded then. Wouldn't mind booking a chalet here to enjoy that theme park and have a relaxing staycation :P

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Jayme Shing said...

Wow! Downtown East has changed sooo much!!! It has so much memories for me as a student with those class chalets and birthday parties! Thanks for sharing! Prob might check it out soon!

Unknown said...

For a nature-inspired resort, I'm not seeing much of the 'nature' side of things there. But it does look neat as a new pin!

Phoebe said...

Hopefully it was a piece of helpful information. :)

Phoebe said...

I find the distance a little too far.. We used to walk back to our chalet units in our swimming attire and towel. Hahaha.. now it doesn't seems to be quite nice to do that ^_^

Phoebe said...

We had multiple BBQ and parties there too! I'm still missing the good old chalet.. although the newer ones are brighter and cleaner.

Phoebe said...

There are still on - going construction , with more additions of units . Maybe it will be more 'nature' inspired when the entire project is completed. :)

Jolin said...

Downtown East is now very different from my memory. So much has changed! I like the way your hubby estimate the depth of the bbq pit.

Unknown said...

Nice walk around! I was on the project to refurbish Escape Theme Park somewhere in 2009. There were big plans and many wild ideas thrown in. I still didn't realize that the land D'Resort is sitting on was actually Escape Theme Park! So sad one less theme park to play in *sniffs*

Shirley @ SAys! Happy Mums

Phoebe said...

Yes.. I have so many fond memories at downtown east. My hubby wanted to measure how high the new bbq pit is now..and thinking how much charcoal is needed :p

Phoebe said...

Wow! We were a little sad Escape theme park was closed.. but managed to catch the final glimpse. Didnt know you were on that special project to refurbish it. :)

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