Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fragrant Nasi Uduk (兰花饭) with Ayam Rendang at Red House (红屋茶餐室)

Red House - with over 100 years of history, is a prominent and iconic landmark situated along Tan Hiok Nee Cultural Street. Recently, a coffeeshop is opened within the red and white mansion, serving traditional breakfast and offering a variety of items on their lunch menu.

Since it was early in the morning, we decided to go for a cup of hot white coffee. Though I am not a coffee lover, I enjoyed it's fragrance without the bitterness and yet not too sweet to taste. 

If you are at Red House, do not miss their signature Nasi Uduk with Ayam Rendang. Nasi Uduk is an Indonesian style steamed rice. Unlike the conventional steamed rice with coconut and pandang flavour, Red House serves their Nasi Uduk (兰花饭) where there is an added fragrance of flower in the taste which enhances the flavour of the rice.

Nasi Uduk with Ayam Rendang (rm 7.50)

This simple plate of Nasi Uduk in nyonya style deserves a lot of credit as every single ingredient on it is homemade. The chicken in Ayam Rendang is spicy and tender which goes nicely with the steamed rice.

I was truly intrigued by its unique flavour and went forward to the table to see how it was put together.

 The pot of fragrant steamed rice all ready to be served.

I was expecting the achar to be a mixture of vegetables like carrots, cucumber, pineapple and chilli, but Red House confidently used only carrots and chilli to bring out a refreshing taste in its own style that I have not experienced before. Even the ikan bilis (anchovies) is nicely fried which is crunchy and not too salty.

If you are touring around Tan Hiok Nee Cultural Street and looking out to taste something different, you may wish to give Red House Nasi Uduk a try. We will definitely be back again to try their signature Bottle White Coffee with Ice on our next visit. :)

Red House 红屋茶餐室
Address: 56, Jln Tan Hiok Nee, 80000, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
GPS: 1.455955, 103.763229

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