Sunday, December 28, 2014

Yuletide within the beauty of Flower Dome - Gardens By the Bay

We love to immerse ourselves within Gardens by the Bay because it is a gateway to nature away from the buzzing city landscape. During the Christmas weekend, we visited the Flower Dome and were welcomed by snowy snowman and glittering Christmas trees.

Our boy wasn't in his tip top condition but we hope the little walk within the "winterland" will make him feel better. 

The charming little houses are one of the central attraction and Gladys love the fake snow so much that we wished upon a day where our family can travel to a snowy land to experience the real winter season.

As you walk along the trail, do take note of the little boards and learn what Christmas means in other countries.

"The celebration of St. Lucia Day on December 13 is common in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. On this day, the eldest daughter in each family rises early and dressed in a white gown and wearing a crown made of twigs, wakes each of her family members for breakfast."

"In the old days, people believed witches came out on Christmas Eve to look for brooms to ride on, so they hid them all ways possible. Today Norwegian women still hide all brooms in their house before going to bed on Christmas Eve."

Snowmen in their top hats are Gladys' favourite. She finds their rounded bodies and smiley faces are so lovable and cute. ^-^

Many photo opportunities with the reindeer, teddy bears, snowmen, presents and Christmas trees.  

Look! Who has a longer nose? :D I still find my girl prettier.

We can't leave the winterland without a family shot. 

Although Christmas is over, you can still enjoy the Christmas display in the Flower Dome from now till 6 Jan 2015 (9am - 10pm).

As we are into the final week of 2014, BPDGTravels wishes everyone
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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