Wednesday, September 10, 2014

~ NTUC Walks With U 2014 ~

30th August 2014 - It was a beautiful Saturday morning and we were happy to join FairPrice Walks With U, Singapore's largest walking event which aims to promotes a healthy lifestyle and family bonding. This year, it was held along a scenic route, flagging off at the Promontory. The 5km walk took us past the Marina Bay Sands, Art Science Museum, Gardens By the Bay, Marina Barrage and walking back to the Waterfront Promenade.

We were happy to join Sengkang Babies in the morning walk. The children found the walk more thrilling and fun with friends around. 

8am - Flag-off and here we go!

Walking along the iconic Marina Bay backdrop, it is inevitable that we stopped by to take pictures. 

The kids started making a dash every 100 metres. Maybe Fairprice can consider hosting NTUC Runs With U!





It was a beautiful Sea of BLUES among the GREENS.

Since the official theme for this year's themed walking event is "Walk Around the World", there are various entertainment acts from different countries along the walking route. Starting from Samba dancers from Brazil, Japanese Cosplayers,  Greek Statues and Cheerleaders from USA.

Naruto is definitely a favourite among children.

Reaching our U-turn point at Marina Barrage!

After taking a short break, we made our way back to the flag-off point.

Resting our feet at Art Science Museum. 

I love the lily pads and how nature blends in beautifully against the high rise city buildings.

The kids took photos at various station markers. :)

The 4.5m mark - Kids were happy that we were reaching the finishing point.

Sambal dancers are back to welcome all participants! Gladys is Proud of herself today!

Lots of games and activities awaiting all participants after completing the 5km walk.

Thank you NTUC Fairprice for inviting our family to the walk. We had a great work-out and the children had lots of fun. Check out BPDGTravels Facebook Album for more photos.

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