Saturday, September 27, 2014

~ 3D2N Johor Bahru Food Trail - Day 2 (Part 1) ~

Day 2 continues as we ventured out to explore for more good food around Permas Jaya. Combing through the streets, we stumbled upon a stall selling cakes and kueh. This is a very welcoming sight especially for the children.

The pastries were nicely displayed and all we need to do is to pick and pay. :) According to the boss, the kueh and cakes are homemade and selling at RM0,60 per piece! We definitely can eat to our heart contents. Bestcook has been doing business in the district for many years. In the morning, they sell Nasi Lemak, noodles (lontong, mee rebus, laksa etc), porridge and pastries. In the afternoon, they provide catering services.

Our assorted cakes and kueh selection - including Hokkaido cake (RM1.50)

The boss highly recommend us to try their specialty - Mee Rebus (爪哇面). Made of yellow egg noodles, the sauce is sweet and slightly spicy which is to my liking. I thought it was a very decent dish with a nice combination of beansprouts, green chilies, tau kwa, fried shallots and hard boiled egg. Comfort food in the morning. :)

What I like about Bestcook Restoran is the variety of food available within the shop space that will suit all our dining needs.

Name: Bestcook Restoran (好美食咖啡餐室)
Location: 18 Jalan Permas 9/2, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, 81750, Masai Johor Malaysia
GPS: 1.498576, 103.818999
Closed on every Tuesday

If you are craving for some roasted pork, 万合鲜猪肉专卖店 is just located beside Bestcook! Hubby could not resist the temptations and we ordered a packet to taste along our way as we continued to search for more food. 

Shi Wah Bak Ku Teh is our final stop for the morning. Shi Wah is an established name with many outlets spanning across Johor Bahru.

It was still early in the morning and most have started their day at work, there was no crowd and I guess we were probably one of their first customers. We ordered a bowl of Bak Ku Teh, Pig Maw Soup (猪肚汤) and 油条 to share among ourselves.

While it was delectable, I find the pork meat within the Bak Ku Teh a little too firm. I also prefer the soup to be more peppery. On a good note, it was not too oily and the pig maw soup was delicious.

Name: Shi Wah Restoran (古来世华肉骨茶)
Location: 6, Jalan Permas 9/5, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.496014, 103.819835

After breakfast, we returned back to our hotel to rest before driving more than 12km to Jalan Kempas to savour the popular Kuay Teow Kia as recommended by Johor KakiHubby is a great fan of Kuay Chap and this is one destination not to be missed despite the longer journey.

Located within M2 Food Court, its not hard to spot 268 果条仔. Just how good is their KTK? We will find out very soon!

This simple bowl of Kway Teow is heavenly! The flat rice noodles are smooth and slurping good! Exceptionally yummylicious with the dark braised sauce topped with fried shallots. We know its good when the kids finished them all and still desire for another bowl!

Hubby ordered a lot of assorted braised items including pork innards, pork intestines, pork skin, pork belly, pork tongue and meat. What I like about the food here is the absence of strong porky stench and the intestines are nicely cleaned.

I gave pork tongue a miss but we wiped out the braised pork meat and pork belly as these are our common favourite. Braised pork meat is nicely sliced and not too fatty.

I adore the pork skin which is sweet, smooth, chewy and tender! I would say this is my favourite to date.

I don't fancy pork intestines but decided to give it a try anyway. It was not mushy as I thought it would be. Instead the braised large intestines are soft and tender with a bit of sweetness. Hubby said it was good.

We went for second round of order after clearing the first! Hubby ordered "粉腸" which he says its more expensive as it is only available in a smaller portion. If it taste bitter means it has turn bad. :)

Braised egg for all to share. :)

Would we travel down here to have our Kway Teow Kia again? YES! Pricing is reasonable (~RM20) and the food is good! It's not too salty and every pig parts are well-braised and nicely presented. If you love Kway Chap, do not give this a miss!

Name: 268 果条仔
Location: Jalan Kempas 1 and Jalan Kempas 1/18 junction, Taman Bukit Kempas, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.527691, 103.695219


elly stornebrink said...

I'm curious what country you live in to experience such interesting food. Good thing I'm not 100% vegetarian or those meat dishes would have been challenging to look at! ;) <3

Phoebe said...

Dear Elly,

These are popular Asian food. The food featured in this post is from Johor Bahru (Part of Malaysia).

It might look a bit different but the taste is delicious. ^_^


Boh Tong aka Luke Tan said...

Wow those are also my favourites! I love the mee rebus,pig skin,intestines etc. I must visit those places.
Thanks for sharing!

Phoebe said...

Hi Boh Tong,

The Kueh Teow Kia is delicious. I think we may go back to have another round when we visit JB again. ^_^ Hope it is also to your liking too.


Boh Tong aka Luke Tan said...

Hi Phoebe,

Some how I do not feel safe going to JB due to the crime rate there. What are your thoughts on the safety issues?
If I can pick up the courage to visit JB, I think I will have a wonderful time there as the food seems to be delicious judging by the pics in your blog.



Phoebe said...

Hi Boh Tong,

We are concerned with the safety issues as well especially since we have children with us.

Generally, we try to be more cautious when we travel on the road. We avoid secluded area, going out with expensive items and try to find parking lots which are within bigger malls (with gantries).

We started venturing around the malls , going on short trips, slowly began to familiarize ourselves before going further. There are many delicious and affordable food in JB that attracted us to go back. :)

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