Sunday, June 15, 2014

~ Our 3D2N virgin voyage on Star Cruise Virgo - Day 2 (Part 2) ~

When you are on a cruise, one of the activity that you will not miss and continually indulge in all day and night is dining. There are a couple of cafes, restaurants to select from and we were spoilt for choices.

Since we had $300 dining credits, we decided to utilize it on our lunch. Blue Lagoon (located at Deck 7) offers local Asian as well as Western cuisines. If you have a craving for Chicken rice, Kway Teow, Nasi Lemak or Satay, here's the place to be.

After indulging in a full day buffet spread on our first day on board, our tummies were pretty bloated. It was refreshing to enjoy a simple lunch for a change. A plate of fried noodle and fried rice combi were just as heavenly. 

Mixed meat platter

Denver and Gladys' lunch - fried chicken with fries.

We headed straight to Mediterranean Buffet for more drinks and dessert after lunch. There were assorted bread and cakes to select and we had the perfect spot to enjoy the sea view as we sat in for our afternoon tea :)

Parents do not need to fret that their little ones will be bored as there are lots of activities planned throughout the day to keep the children entertain on Star Cruise Virgo. *Different rates applies for various activities.

We enrolled Denver and Gladys to participate in a free pirate craft session. Hubby and I finally had our own personal time roaming around the ship and visiting the casinos. 

Times passes pretty fast and soon it was dinner time! YES! It's time to EAT again. Dinner was at Bella Vista which has both Chinese and Western set menu of your choice. There is a lot of seating in the restaurant but it is best to arrive early to avoid waiting.

We decided to go for the Western menu which comes with an appetizer, main course and dessert. You can choose your preferred items from the menu.

Appetizer : Caesar Salad, Chilled Pacific Seafood and Pear and Papaya Salad. 

Main course for Hubby: Slow roasted slice of Beef Rib Eye with grilled potato, corn salsa and black pepper sauce.

Main course for myself and kids : Slow cooked Norwegian Salmon with wasabi mashed potato, barbeque flavoured mushrooms in chive butter sauce.

Using our dining credits, we ordered a plate of lobster as a special treat for all to share. :)

Dessert : Duo of Chocolate Mousse

Choices of ice-cream for Gladys.

Dinner was splendid. We enjoyed the fine dining and stayed longer for coffee.

Before we end our day filled with galore of food, we decided to go for a final round up of supper at the Samurai Restaurant (Located at Deck 8).

Reserving our last bits of dining credit for Salmon sashimi and Sushi to satisfy our craving and taste buds!

The 'caterpillar' sushi roll was awesome! Loving the richness of avocado and crunchy roe laid on top of the sushi making the dish so palatable. 

We end our night on board watching the final performance at The Lido - Stone of Atlantis. A tale set in the lost ancient city of Atlantis. A fusion of kung fu, acrobatics, music and dance performed by world-class performers left us astounded by their breathtaking stunts and acts. This is a show not to be missed.

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