Thursday, June 5, 2014

~ Taste of Philippine's Lechon in Singapore! ~

It has been more than a year since our last visit to the Philippines and we missed the local food a lot. Although there are stalls and restaurants selling Filipino's delicacies, it thrills us even more to learn that we can now enjoy Philippines' national dish - Lechon within a coffeeshop! Thanks to JohorKaki's recommendation, we made our way down to Geylang East Central to catch the actual roasting in action.

Iskina Cebu, operated by Filipinos, offers set meal and a la carte options for diners. Most of the patrons are pinoys and there was a crowd despite it's location within the industrial estate. Our first visit to the stall was during dinner time on a weekend, and we regretted not arriving earlier. According to Chef Chris, all the 30 roasted chickens were sold out and this was what's left for the roasted pig. :(

A week later, we revisited Iskina Cebu, only this time during lunch hours. It was a wiser move as a new pig has just been roasted and we were able to sample it while it was still hot and crispy. 

Everyday, there is a lot of roasting above the charcoal pit. It is definitely not an easy task working near the fire continuously for hours, and ensuring the meat are roasted evenly. This brings back memories where we first witness the roasting in the Lechon Capitol in Manila. Although the scale is bigger then, this is definitely a rare sight happening in our local kopitiam. 

The Lechon set (SGD $10), roasted pig served with white rice seems to be the favourite among all the other set meals. We waited at least 15 minutes before it was ready to be served on both occasions. The crispiness of the thin layer of skin was heavenly, not forgetting the tender and juicy meat. Gladys surprised us by nearly finishing the entire serving!

The roasted pork belly (SGD $6) served at Iskina Cebu has it's unique flavour, aura and taste. The only downside we feel for this dish is the skin was too thick and hard for the children to chew and crunch. After awhile, Denver got tired with the munching and did not finish his meal.

The Roasted Chicken set (SGD $6) was meaty but I find the taste not as appealing compared to the other set meals. 

Our personal favourite goes to the Lechon Set! Marinated and stuffed with spices, each pig is roasted over the charcoal for hours. No wonder it won the hearts of many Filipinos and Singaporeans. 

Name : Iskina Cebu
Address: Blk 1016, Geylang East Ave 3, S389731 (Opposite Paya Lebar MRT)


Ai Sakura said...

OMGGGG the skin looks so crispy and good! thanks for sharing about this! :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Phoebe said...

The Lechon set is definitely the better option. Skin is thin and crispy. :) Do give it a try if you are near the area.


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