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~ JB Makan & Shopping Trip Dec 13 - Pasar Malam near KSL City ~

Bringing our friends to visit the Pasar Malam is the main highlight of our Johor Bahru makan trip. After researching and reading through various blogs, there are pasar malams at different parts of Johor Bahru every night (Monday - Sunday). The night market that we often visit opens every Monday evening, stretching from KSL City Mall to Grand Paragon Hotel.

Name: Pasar Malam
Location: From KSL City Mall to Grand Paragon Hotel
(Opens every Monday)

 Roads are cordoned off and mobile vendors started setting up their stalls in the late afternoon. 

Be prepared to walk and squeeze yourself way through the crowd. Unlike the pasar malam we have in Singapore, there is so much more to see and offer here. Get ready your empty tummies as you venture along the streets and tuck yourself into the food cooked up by the mobile vendors.

For first timers, this may look a bit "chaotic" and you might feel lost. But soon enough you will find the beauty of this night market. Being our fifth visit, we knew exactly what we wanted to eat and where to get it. :)

1) Crispy Chicken Chop and Cheese Hotdog - This is probably one of the favourite stall for children. If you yearn for Taiwanese style chicken chop, why not try out the one here which is just as good plus its cheap!
Now you see it.... Soon you don't. :)

2) Penang Laksa and Chendol - This lorry has been converted into a stall selling nice Penang Laksa and Chendol. You should not miss it and definitely worth to give it a try.

After having some fried food, a bowl or packet of chendol definitely quench our thirst. Packet your chendol to enjoy its sweetness throughout your walking trip.

I preferred to start my makan session with a bowl of Penang Laksa. The flavour of the thick asam soup is robust yet not over-whelming. For a person who don't like spicy food, it did not stop me from bending my rules and gave it all I had for this bowl of Laksa.

The rice vermicelli is chewy and slurpy. :) 

Apart from the food vendors, you will notice a variety of stalls set up along the street which added more colours and interests, grabbing the hearts of the locals and even tourists to visit the Pasar Malam faithfully.
Fruit stall
Stall selling "Mee Chiang Kueh" - crispy pancake with peanut fillings
Satay stall

Chinese New Year decorations on Sale already. 

The famous Penang Rojak Man on Mobile! If you love fruit rojak, you must give this a try! Read our previous experience :
Assorted Yong Tau Fu ingredients for sale.

3) Chwee Kueh - When we passed by this stall, I was instantly attracted by the nice fragrance from the Cai Poh (finely diced preserved radish). This was evident and good enough for us to place our orders without hesitation.

Packed in a waxed paper, the chwee kueh, made of rice flour and water, was soft and the cai poh was heavenly. My only 'complaint' was the cai poh was too little to go with my chwee kueh!

4) Jia Jia Soya Milk/Bean Curb - If you read through our previous posts, we are faithful patrons of Jia Jia Soya milk stall (佳佳冰档). Their soya bean curb is smooth and delicious, available in original or brown sugar. Their stall has shrunk in size and we have to keep a sharp look out for their banner.

5) Carrot Cake - Their queue was as long as ever. This shows how popular their carrot cake is! Available only wirh dark soya sauce, the duo always meet their customers' expectations and demands to their best abilities.

Chee Cheong Fun stall - another converted stall from lorry.
More fruit stall
Fish stall

6) Roasted pork belly (Sio Bak) - Hubby nearly had an heart attack.....His favourite sio bak (roasted pork belly) was almost sold out when he arrived at the usual stall that we frequently patron. Hubby ordered the last bit of what was left over to share with the other 2 families.

The last box of Sio Bak. Thankfully we arrived earlier before all was gone!

7) Sushi - Sushi boxes available at pasar malam! 1 box of sushi for RM6, 2 boxes for RM10. Affordable pricing and tasted just as good!
Gladys' personal favourite. :)

Crowds started to swarm in as the sun starts to set. 

Visiting pasar malam in JB never bores us. On the contrary, we immersed ourselves into their culture and lifestyle. It is one of our favourite places to go and here is where we get to sample good food at a cheaper price.

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Unknown said...

What an amazing array of food at the Pasar Malam! How I wish we have this in Singapore too. :) Time to plan a trip to KSL on a Monday. Thanks for sharing!

Phoebe said...

Thanks Dana's Mommy & Daddy. There is a lot of food at the Pasar Malam. Do make sure you go with an empty tummy and enjoy the street food along the way. Happy 2014!

--andy-- said...

Thank you for the Xio Ba !
And we will be more adventurous next round :)

andy (SengkangBabies)

Serene's Dad said...

Hi, do u know the same pasar malam at KSl their location each day of the week?

Phoebe said...

Hi Serene's Dad,

I understand the stall owners rotate within JB. There are daily pasar malam scattered at various areas. Unfortunately I do not have the exact information. Suggest to check Johor Kaki's blog ( for more information :D

Thanks for visiting our blog. ^_^


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