Sunday, December 8, 2013

~ Cute 3D Cartoon Bags and Key Pouches for Christmas ~

It's a season of giving with Christmas only a couple of weeks away! Every year, we faced the same problem of 'hunting' special gifts for our friends. This is a very difficult task, particularly for us since Hubby and I are not shoppers.

We spotted some stuff really cute and funky at Suntec Convention Hall that even I could not resist grabbing some for myself. ^_^

They are called the 3D Cartoon bags. The colours are so vibrant that I spotted it from afar. The bags look so cool and trendy that young people, even children will love them! The uniqueness of these bags is they are actually 2D but drawn in such a way that it looks as if it is in a 3D perspective. There are many designs to choose from too!

We bought two sling bags for Denver & Gladys. Looks so cute and stylish! We went home and the children pose with the bags to see if we will see the 3D effect. What do you think?

Bought another 2 handbags to give away too!

Stuff toys always intrigue me which prompt me to stop and take a look. I never suspect anything unusual since it looks perfectly like a normal hanging toy. Only to realise later that these little cuties are key pouches! Pull out your keys when you need them and pull the string up to hide your keys in the pouch! This way I will not have a hard time looking for my bunch of keys again. :)

Many designs and colours to select

I bought a pair of minions key pouches for the kids and lots more for my friends. 

Cutie key pouches to give away this Christmas!

These are not Lego blocks. They are called Diamond Blocks - an educational toy which comes with an instructional menu so that you can piece the pieces together to build the final design. Looks really cool to see Darth Vader, Yoda, Minions, Captain America, Simpsons standing next to each other in little blocks.

Pretty nice ideas for Christmas gifts this holiday and they are available at The Gadgets Supply. Check out their facebook page if you are interested. :) 


Nick said...

omg, the diamond blocks are very attractive! :)

Phoebe said...

Yes Nick! In fact, I find them all so cute! Especially the 3D bags!

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