Saturday, December 1, 2012

~ ZooHoo 2012 - Jungle Out Loud! ~

ZooHoo 2012 is BACK again this December holidays! From now till 16 December (weekends only), you can experience the rhythm of nature revolving around songs, dance and the different calls of the wild. Look out for the ZooHoo sign boards for the various types of FREE activities available at the different parts of the Zoo.

For a start, we were entertained by the Jungle Juniors' song and dance item. This group of talented children are from Kids Performing and they are very experience in stage performances. You can even join in the fun as they teach you some of their cute dance steps.

We always enjoy watching the elephants whenever we are at the Zoo. Its a pity the Elephant Symphony was not available at the time of our visit. :(

The free ranging Orang-Utan island is another popular spot among the visitors. We were lucky to get up close with one of the orang-utan and seeing it playing the xylophone for the public. It may not sound as melodic but it is fascinating seeing our little friend holding on to the sticks and hitting the notes.

Getting in position to play
Not forgetting to smile in front of the camera! So Photogenic!
Hopping on to the Tram ride

Our kiddos favourite zone - Rainforest Kidzworld! We spent the bulk of our time here meeting Dora & Diego and our little animal friends.

Gladys is always very daring and sporting when it comes to participating in the various stage games. For that, she earns herself a photo-pass with Dora & Diego at the Meet-&-Greet session! Woo Hoo!

Say HELLO to Dora & Diego!

Gladys posing with Dora & Diego

Do stay back for the Animal Talk (after Dora & Diego meet-&-greet session). This is our family favourite ZooHoo activity as we were allowed to gather around the table and get up close with the animals! So Lucky!

Our first animal friend to be featured is the Indian Star Tortise. Everyone was so exicted and couldn't help touching its shell.

More animals coming up.....

Denver and Gladys LOVE this cutie as it makes its entrance! It's not a porcupine but a hedgehog! 
Do you dare to touch it?

After the showcase, the animals were brought back in again where the visitors were given a chance to touch and feel them. Everyone wants to "sayang" the little hedgehog and they did so with extreme care so as not to scare our little friend and set its defence up.

Our family also took a nice family photo before we leave!

It has been an eventful day at the Zoo. Our kiddos never get bored whenever we are here. There are always so much to see and learn. A great place to be with your family and friends during this December School Holidays!

For more details of the ZooHoo event, do visit the following website:

Disclosure: Sponsored Review - All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. Thank you Wildlife Reserves Singapore for the invitation


LuPorTi said...

Wow, this zoo opens up my eyes. I have never seen such tortoise before. Its shell looks really special.

BPDGTravels said...

Yes, it was very interesting and educational for the children. :) Hopefully they can implement more of such programs.

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