Sunday, March 4, 2012

~ Tree House Excitement @ IMM ~

It has been awhile since I update my blog as Hubby and I have been extremely busy with loads of stuff! Recently, we brought the children to IMM Shopping Mall and were pleasantly surprised with the new addition to their existing wet and dry play area at level 3, Garden Plaza.

Play area at Wet zone

Play Area at Dry zone

Many shopping malls are incorporating indoor and outdoor playgrounds where children get to enjoy their share of play time. IMM would be the first in record to have a 7-metre tall (~two and a half storeys of a building) Tree House Playground within its mall! This is not as high compared to the tallest slide @ T3, but its FREE and surely an attraction to get our kiddos excited!

The tree house has 2 slides of different height levels. Its surroundings is decorated with brightly coloured gigantic fruits and vegetables where parents and kiddos can rest their feet.

Exploring the interior of the tree house, it has twirling metal stairs and ladders to guide your way up to the top of the tree. You can then choose to take the lower or upper slide down.

Gladys is having a lot of fun at the tree house and no problems with the climbing!

Denver however, started to develop a phobia of heights and it took a lot of persuasion and encouragement (ice-cream treat) before he finally made the climb up to the highest slide. Well, he succeeded after Daddy went in and gave him his morale support. Hopefully we can try again next time with greater confidence and to overcome his fear.

A very neat tree house indeed but it would be more attractive if there are swings or other play features to increase the fun level and enhance the childrens' experience at the tree house. It was a fun break for Denver & Gladys and they had a good workout.

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