Wednesday, September 1, 2010

~ PA Holiday Flats @ Pasir Ris ~

We were invited by Uncle's family to go for a BBQ session at the People's Association Holiday Flats located at Pasir Ris.

It is my first visit to the PA Chalet and it is pretty neat and quiet. :)

The chalet has a living room, kitchen, toilet and bathing area as well as 2 bedrooms. Those rooms located at level 1 are more favourable as each has a balcony area and it is more accessible to the BBQ pits.

Just outside the chalet is an open field and playground where children can run around freely and have fun while parents can still keep a watchful eyes at them sitting from a distance. :) BBQ pits are located further down and there are seatings around each pit.

The chalets are facing the beach and families or friends can gather to BBQ, cycle, watch the sunrise and sunset or just simply have some gathering together.

For more information on booking of the chalet, please visit


Papa pasta said...

Hi, able to share how big the living room of this flat is?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Is the flat air conditioned? Also, does the fridge have a freezer compartment? By bathing area, do you mean a bathroom?

Phoebe said...

Dear Tammy,

As it has been 4 years since our previous visit, I believe the chalet is air-conditioned. Yes, there is a bathroom. However, I am not sure about the freezer as we only stayed for the BBQ. :) Hope this helps.


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