Sunday, September 19, 2010

~ Kite Festival - The Promontory @ Marina Bay~

Yesterday, we took the children down to The Promontory @ Marina Bay for the Kite Festival by NTUC Income and act3 International. It was a huge crowd! We saw families bringing their own mats and food for picnic and many brought their own kites or purchase one on the spot.

It is a sunny afternoon and there are so many kites of different colours, shapes and sizes in the clear, blue sky.

One can really get lost in this crowd. Although there are free goodie bags, kites and balloons, plus kite-making workshops, it is always accompany with a super long queue everywhere. You really need to be patient to wait half hour or more just to get to your turn.

The live performances with music and songs fills the air and it is just as enjoyable to immerse in the crowd looking at the kites.

The main highlight is the showcase of the bigger kites flew by the kite masters. There was suppose to be a candy drop from the big kites so that the children can grab the candies. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough wind and probably due to the limited space by the surrounding crowd, the kite masters had difficulty flying the kite high. Still it has been an eye opener and a great attempt.

Daddy queued at least half hour to get a balloon for Gladys. We may not get to fly our kites this time, but it has been a very pretty sight to see.

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