Sunday, April 25, 2010

~ Helix Bridge Opening 2010 ~

24th April 2o1o

The Helix Bridge (螺旋桥) - World's first Double Helix Bridge was officially opened by National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan earlier this evening! This is Singapore's newest landmark in Marina Bay which is a pedestrain bridge (shaped like a double helix and hence it's name) linking near the Marina Center, Marina South to the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort. Beside it is the vehicular bridge - Bayfront Bridge which runs parallel with the Helix Bridge. Vehicles can drive across the bridge starting tomorrow (25th April, 3pm).

We heard about a series of celebrations that will be held at the floating platform and hence took the MRT down to Esplande. It is also Hubby's first ride on the Circle Line. :)

Singapore City Skyline is so Beautiful at Night! I'm sure it will be even more enchanting once the integrated resort construction works completes.

Here we are! There are already many people seated at the floating platform. Free New Water mineral bottles are given away and we also queue up for free balloons for the kids.

The event started from 7.30pm followed by a 2 minutes pyrotechnics at 8pm after the official opening. Spectacular fireworks and music combination. Initially, Gladys was a bit surprised by the blast but got over it eventually. :) Since the Helix bridge is only open to the public at 9.30pm, the public can stay at the floating platform area to enjoy the music, dance, drum and other performances that has been arranged.

There are bands, stilt-walkers and fire-twirlers to keep us entertained for the entire hour. Those who are hungry/thirsty can also buy some snacks or drinks at the food stalls.

2 minute pyrotechnics display -

We make our way to the Helix Bridge as soon as we were being informed that it is officially open to the public at 9pm.. There are sooooo many people waiting to get on the Bridge and we are all stucked near the entrance of the Bridge. The security personnel helped to do some crowd control by allowing a group of people to go in at a time.

We finally make our way through and on the Helix Bridge. It is surely crowded and very hard to take photos... people are passing by all the time and Hubby & I can feel the vibrations while standing on the bridge due to the crowd.

Nevertheless, we can still feel the breeze from the sea and the Helix is brightly illuminated with the lighting. It has five viewing platforms sited at strategic locations so that pedestrians can catch stunning views of the Singapore skyline. The Helix is also sheltered so as to provide shade for the pedestrians during rain or shine.

25th April 2010
Yup! We are back at the Helix the next day... only this time with my inlaws, Jaslynn and Big Brother-inlaw's family. It has been a long time since we have been going out altogether... There are also performers at/near the Bridge (similar to what we have seen yesterday).

It is not as crowded compared to yesterday but the new icon surely is attracting many photographers with their heavy and sophiscated cameras over here. :)

Denver & Gladys with Big-Bil's Family. ^_^

We walked over the Bridge all the way to the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort. Very soon, we found ourselves standing outside the resort which is scheduled to open on 27th April 2010.

Group photos are hard to take and I Definitely Love this! (Thanks to Jasylnn who helped us took our Family photo!)


eunice said...

Hi! Nice pics! U must have enjoyed the beautiful Helix n spectacular firework display that night. =) I'd love to head down to see the Marina Sands soon! Cheers.

~ B.P.D.G ~ said...

Hi Eunice,

Many thanks for popping by. Yes, we had fun even though it was super crowded and tiring. :)

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