Saturday, April 3, 2010

~ The Singapore Zoo ~

Thanks to our neighbours who gave us the free tickets to the Singapore Zoo, our family had a good time despite the heavy rain.

It has been almost 3 years since our last visit. We are welcome with new additions as well as familiar 'faces'. ^_^ There are so many to see and hence the Map is extremely important to direct us around the zoo as well as references to the various feeding and show times.
"Rain Rain go away, come again another day. All the family wants to play... Rain, rain go away!"

It was pouring when we entered the Zoo. Hence, we stayed under the shelter and the parrots kept us entertained for a moment. Hubby and I finally decided to purchase the ponchos so that we can start our tour! Time is Precious!
First stop is the Treetops Trail. Due to the drizzling, I believe the monkeys went into hiding for shelter. We were only able to spot 1 White faced Saki monkey. What a shame! Nevertheless, we managed to see the other animals.

So CUTE! They are all ready to pose in front of the cameras!
One of the main attraction is the White Tigers that is not to be missed! We strolled around and even turn back for the feeding session! Watching the hungry tigers eyeing at the meat as it was being thrown towards them.

Big big hippos in and out of the water. The children are in close 'contact' with them between the glass window. :)

Cute Kangaroos and their Joey that look so delicate.

We walked a lot... Sometimes with our ponchos on when it is drizzling, sometimes without. Poor Daddy got to carry so many stuff.

The Baboons always make the children amazed with questions. :) Why are their Bums so big and red? :p Seeing the whole lots of them is intriguing.

It is a shame that Ah Meng is no longer here. :( Still, we have an Ah Meng resturant as a remembrance.

It's drizzling again... Put on our ponchos! No Butterflies spotted due to the rain. Hence, we climb up the tree house and take a shot.

New additions: Boat Ride. Well, it is not cheap but the children has been 'nagging' us that they wanted to take a ride. So here we are... taking the ride to the other side of the zoo which takes about 10 minutes.

Daddy looks so young and cute in this photo! ^_^

Kidzworld: The favourite spot for the children! Why?? Because it is WATER PLAY Time!!! The facilities have renovated and improved a lot since our last visit. The children had so much fun with the splashing, running and screaming!

There are so many things in kidzworld for the children... poney rides, feeding the goats, water play, toy store etc.....

More animals to see on our way back to the exit. We managed to catch a show before we left. The children had so much FUN! Singapore Zoo is definitely one of the TOP and best attraction and we are so proud of it.

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