Sunday, July 27, 2008

~ Singapore Garden Festival 2008 ~

Took my inlaws to the Singapore Garden Festival 2008 ( after dinner. Actually, it was my FIL who told us about this event and we checked that it was held at the Suntec Convention Centre (Level 4 and 6).
There were a lot of people and we were amazed by the beautiful garden landscape and flowers... Really enchanting and very artistic. My inlaws enjoyed it very much! :) It's a pity we did not bring our camera... so I can only make do with my Blackberry.. well, most of the photos are not very well taken.. at least we capture some of it for memorial. 

Seeking Shangri-La is my favourite and it attracted many to stop by and take photos.

It already took us quite a bit of time to finish the exhibits at level 6 and we did not have much time left for the Orchid display at level 4 as it was getting late.. The orchids are really pretty and there is also orchid display made by Primary school children.. We also saw apple tree, corn, chilli, vegetables etc... Along the way, we bought a pair of toys for Denver & Gladys... Titoy and Morchoo (one represent a leaf while the other a bean as explained by the assistant).. It's kinda cute acutally. I like it too... We finally left for home at 9 plus... it was an wonderful experience and a pity we did not have enough time to walk through in detail... but we'll sure take note to come early for the next Garden Festival held in 2010.

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