Saturday, July 19, 2008

~ Chalet at NSRCC ~

Hubby's good friend has booked a chalet at NSRCC and we were invited to go to today. Denver was so excited and keep reminding us that he wants to go play by the pool and not to forget to bring his water gun. We had our breakfast at the market at Hougang Ave 7, drove to visit a Prawn pond at Lor Halus (near Pasir Ris Camp) before heading down to the chalet.

NSRCC is located along East Coast and the air-conditioned 2-storey bungalows have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 on each level), a kitchen, living and dining area. The BBQ pit is located just outside the bungalow and is very convenient.

There is a golf course, bowling centre, jackpot, arcade game, billard room, gym, swimming pool etc. We spent the morning at the pool where the kids had fun playing and splashing with the water. All of us were so tired and sleepy after lunch.

It was a rainy evening... Heavy downpour after we started BBQ. The guys have to shift the pit indoors. I'm sure everyone is stinking by now.. :p Food is just as good and a nice get-together and gathering. It was a long day and the children were knock out on our way home.

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