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[JB] Menara Hartamas Homestay @ Taman Mount Austin Johor Bahru

It has been awhile since we explored new places to stay in Johor Bahru and opportunity arose when we were caught off guard learning that the hotel we used to stay has increased pricing. With last minute planning, we decided to look out for other alternatives for our staycation. After frantically searching online, we finally found a Homestay in Mount Austin via Airbnb.

This is the first time I tried to book an apartment via Airbnb and picking a superhost is extremely assuring. Response was quick and we booked the 'room' successfully within the night! Instructions provided by the host was clear and we got into the apartment and parked our car seamlessly.

Let's see what Menara Hartamas (Manhattan SOVO), an iconic landmark in Austin Heights has to offer!

Initially the children were disappointed learning that the unit has no wifi. Upon entering the apartment, they were pretty impressed by the neat and bright space that welcome them.

Living Room - Simple and sleek. Comfortable for families and group of friends to sit by and catch a TV drama together.

Our unit is a 1 bedroom apartment, and it comes with a Queen size bed. There are wardrobe at the side and the room is air-conditioned. You also enjoy an unblock view of Mount Austin just standing by the balcony. (PS: Keep the windows closed/locked if you have young children as I also felt a little jittery standing on the balcony).

This is the children's and my favourite spot as this is not only our sleeping zone, but also our play and study zone. While it was fun to climb up and down and we enjoyed the comfort of the raised platform, the only down-side of this loft bed design is the cool air from the air-condition could not really reach the bed on the upper deck.

Thankfully, our superhost provided a standing fan! For those who dislike the chill from the air-condition, the natural cool air from the fan does the trick to keep you cool through the night as well.

Our girl had the other queen size bed all by herself.... till I invaded her space in the middle of the night. :p I would actually love the bed to be at the lower deck so that it will spare us from climbing down the stairs in the middle of the night. Also, it will be much cooler to rest below than on the upper deck. 

Kitchen & Dining - Dining space for families to have meals together and I really like the availability of the fridge to keep our drinks chill.

While we may not use the space to cook, its always good to know that there are means to heat up the food if needed. Cutlery and utensils are also provided.

Toilet/Shower area is clean and neat. The basin is located outside of the toilet which is convenient and flexible as we can still wash our hands/brush their teeth while someone is using the toilet.

Front load washing machine and soap powder provided as well! This is very helpful as we do wash our clothing whenever we travel to minimise the amount of dirty laundry to bring home.

Little pots of plants/flowers touched up and soften the space. I also appreciate the host placing some interesting titles for those who may want to read.

Even though the unit has no wifi, that does not mean we have no entertainment. Boardgames are provided and we actually put our phones aside and spent some time playing together! I can imagine how fun it will be if we have a bigger group!

We really enjoyed staying at Menara Homestay. Location is great as its in the heart of Austin Heights where there are lots of eateries and shops in the surrounding (within walking distance). Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park is about 10 minutes walk away and a couple of minutes drive away to Aeon Tebrau and IKEA.

I actually enjoyed the bigger space where we can move about more freely. We are not restricted to our beds unlike in the hotel room. The apartment can also accommodate more people though we may have to squeeze a little when it comes to sleeping but somehow we managed.

Another great place to consider if you are planning for staycation in Johor Bahru (especially if you have bigger groups). Note: There are also other units available for booking via Airbnb which comes with wifi or more beds.

Summary Notes:
Apartment (1 Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, 1 Toilet & Shower, 1 Washing area)
- Wifi (depends on unit)
- Air-condition + Fan
- Window view
- Flooring - Tiles
- Water Flask - available
- Safety Box - not available
- Phone - not available
- Fridge - available
- Washing Machine - available
- Hair Dryer - available
- Cutlery - available

- Bath towels are provided
- Combined Toilet and Shower room
- Water Heater available.
- Disposable toothbrush/toothpaste - not provided

Parking & Security
- Security (Access to building/lift lobby via key card)
- Security guard on duty round the clock
- Parking lot at multi-storey carpark - reserved for guests

Menara Hartamas Homestay
Address: Menara Hartamas, Jalan Austin Heights 8/4 Johor Bahru

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