Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Review: Capturing Memories with Canon EOS M10

There are definitely moments that you can capture better photographs with a camera than mobile phone. I managed to get hold of Canon EOS M10 for about 2-3 months to check out how this compact and light-weight camera might just change the way I take pictures in the future.

Lets have a quick look of the specification. Canon EOS M10 is a 18 megapixel entry-level mirrorless camera with a 3" tilting touchscreen LCD screen. It has a built-in Wi-Fi Connectivity with full HD 1080p video. Very convenient for me to upload the photos that I have taken on Instagram or Facebook.

Being very accustom to the convenience of only carrying my smartphone with me for photography, I brought Canon EOS M10 out with me everywhere I go on the weekends just to have a feel of how bag friendly it is. Its light-weight and compact size made it easy and convenient to carry around in my bag. I also carried it along to our trip in Johor Bahru and didn't mind the extra weight in my bag while shopping.

Personally, I prefer camera that I can auto-pilot with easily and I actually like the idea that there aren't many control dials on the camera body. If I need more specific/advanced setting, I can rely on the 3.0 inch touch screen LCD monitor to set the aperture and shutter speed.

My photo-taking experience after 2 months?

I realized I was taking more close up shots with the camera and really like how clear the pictures turns out to be. Snap shots of the children not focusing at the camera actually appeared naturally sharp and fine.

The photos taken at Gardens by the Bay was simply gorgeous. The colours are bright and vibrant. Check out more photos taken with Canon EOS M10 here.

Food photography is hassle free with M10 as it produce excellent quality images easily.

We celebrated our daughter's birthday in late September and I really adore how we were able to capture her happiest moments here.

Our girl was able to tilt the screen 180 degree and take wefie shots easily. :) Canon EOS M10 is so user-friendly that even children can have their hands on experience and give it a try.

Beautiful moments continued as we went on a year end vacation at Changi Seaview Resort Chalet. The children invited their friends over and we had a relaxing time by the beach.

We like to take jump shots and after a few tries, it is best taken from low angle. With EOS M10, jump shots can be easily taken with the convenience of the tilting screen.

I also tried miniature shots (which I gradually grows to love taking) and it turns out well with a little more enhancement from Instagram.

It has been a wonderful photo journey experience with Canon EOS M10. I really like how clear, bright and sharp the pictures turn out to be and it has a better picture resolution, suitable for photo printing. Canon EOS 10 is compact and user-friendly and this seems to fit the bill as it is pretty affordable as well. I have been considering purchasing a camera for awhile but have also been hesitant as having a smartphone in my pocket is so convenient to carry around. However, with plans on going for an overseas trip next year, it seems its probably time to reconsider grabbing a better camera soon.

Disclosure: All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. Canon EOS M10 was loaned to us for 2-3 months for review purpose only.

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